Dyeing is satisfying!

Posted in DIY, Dyeing, Yarn at 10:00 pm by Jennie

I know, another post so soon?!? This is just a shortie. I had a chance to dye my Knit Picks Bare sock yarn with easter egg dye yesterday and wow!!! Dyeing for the second time is so much easier when you know what to expect and what to do. I love how vibrant and bright the colors came out in my first skein. And I’m utterly digging my second skein because it feels so…I really can’t explain…its just…awesome. I randomly mixed what I had left after dying the bright colors to get the second look. I have so much appreciation for the indie dyers out there because it is a long and messy process. I only dyed two and it felt like forever.

So…Whada-ya think?

Happy Rainbow

Happy Rainbow

Rustic Rose

Rustic Rose




  1. kc said,

    when I saw the Rustic Rose on flickr I was trying to guess which yarn it was from the thumbnail – it looks awesome! I was like, whoa, she did that herself! =D

  2. Tamara said,

    I love them both! Nice work!

  3. Trish said,

    Oooh, pretty! They both look great. 🙂

  4. Elemmacitlur said,

    Both are EXTREMELY gorgeous! I especially like Rustic Rose.

  5. bea said,

    They look great. 🙂 Very pretty.

  6. Becky said,

    How wonderful! They’re both great and it’s wonderful that you did it yourself. I haven’t had time to do any dyeing for a while but I’m hoping to enhance my skills.

  7. Adrienne said,

    Both of them look great!

  8. Sarah said,

    I love both of those colors. They’re lovely! I can’t wait to see how they knit up.

  9. jane said,

    They both look great!

  10. Shannon said,

    Great job! I love ’em both. But that second one is really awsome. I can’t believe you got such professional looking results with Easter Egg dye!

  11. elizabeth said,

    Beautiful! You should dye more often!

  12. Heather said,

    Ok, what? You made those? Super impressive, sister!!

  13. Janet said,

    OMG! I love BOTH of them! Until now, it hasn’t even been on my radar to attempt this . . . you enabler you!

  14. oh so pretty – both of them!!!! excellent job!

  15. Heather said,

    very cool, I can’t wait to see how they both knit up.

  16. Jean said,

    Beautiful! The rustic rose is out of this world!

  17. stacey said,

    Wow – both are fabulous! I agree, what a lot of hoopla – but I imagine if you get a system down…yikes!:)

  18. Lise said,

    That is the prettiest colors!! I love dying my own yarn – you can get the best most perfect colors – I am extremely jealous….

  19. Stacee said,

    WOW! Those look so much better than I’d imagine from easter egg dyes! I’d love to see what they look like knit up in some fun socks.

  20. Ingrid said,

    Holy crap! That’s amazing! Who knew you had such an amazing talent for dyeing? Seriously, your eye for colour is pure genius. Keep it up — I can’t wait to see more dyeing from you.

  21. Heather said,

    Well, it looks like you’re a natural! Both are gorgeous!

  22. Karen said,

    I love both of your yarns but that first one really catches your attention…beautiful!
    And your magnetic board chart keeper, in the previous post, is brilliant (I might just have to copy you on that).

  23. Chrissy said,

    You certainly have an eye for color! Those yarns turned out great!

  24. Monica said,

    Both are beautiful but the second one calls to me it is my favorite of the two. Great job.

  25. Jody said,

    Hi, I just saw your blog for the first time after you commented on mine and I must say I love it! Your hand dyed yarns are gorgeous! I especially like the Happy Rainbow but then I prefer those “out there” kind of colors. And your post about the magnetic board was sheer genius! I have a small board from my cross stitching days, but I might have to make a trip to WalMart today. Thanks for the idea!

  26. Rasa said,

    Those are gorgeous! I am partial to the rustic rose just because I like the muted shades. I was recently talking to someone in one of the groups I knit with and we talked about trying our hand at dying this summer. I would appreciate any advice that you have for us.

  27. Jeri said,

    wow, you dyed those yourself? they are fantastic. I must re-think this dyeing thing, it looks like fun. I heart Happy Rainbow! (ps – thanks for visiting my blog – I’ve bookmarked you and will be going back to read your archives! You have a really nice blog)

  28. tiennie said,

    I really like that rustic rose! Beautiful!

  29. wiscjennyann said,

    So beautiful! I love them both!

  30. Katie said,

    The rose is lovely.

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