1 is the loneliest number…

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I’ve been on a sock knitting frenzy but sadly they are all single and lonely. 😦 The reason for all these singles? I really wanted to see how my hand dyed yarn would look knit up since my first one way back when didn’t turn out so well. Anywho, I totally dig my happy rainbow colorway. Yay! I used the Monkey pattern without the purling and so…I dub thee…Rainbow Monkey (If you have kids or love the cartoon network, this is definitely a reference to the KND)

Single Socks

(Left to Right: Plain stockinette with Regia, Pomatomus, Raninbow Monkey)

I picked up a cute Della Q pouch project bag at yarn4socks.com and it occurred to me that I haven’t had a contest in awhile. So here is a semi-half-@ss contest for ya.

Della Q Pouch

It’s just a silly guessing game. All you have to do is guess which sock mate is in the pouch.

Is it the Rainbow Monkey, Pomatomus, or colorful Regia?

As always, if there are many correct guesses, the names will be put through a random generator.

Let’s have this contest end on Saturday night 11:59pm Central 5/3/08. Winner will be announce on Sunday. (hehe this will give me an opportunity to blog more than just once in two weeks. hmm yeah, I need to blog more. wha-da-ya think? lol)

Have a wonderful rest of the week! 😀

ETA: How could I have forgotten to mention the prize?!? Ya’ll should know by now, it’s gonna be a delicious pick of sock yarn. 🙂


  1. Adrienne said,

    All 3 socks are so very pretty! I love them all, but I think my favourite is the Rainbow Monkey, so that will be my guess. =)

  2. kc said,

    your socks look awesome! I used to always finish a pair before the next… but I have 3 different socks on the needles right now! all unfinished! agh!

    isn’t it so fun knitting with the yarn you dyed? your rainbow yarn looks so good! 🙂

    hmm I’m gonna guess Pomatomus though… but I am NEVER right with your contests, hehe!

  3. Jen C. said,

    My guess is Pomatomus since that one is my favorite.

  4. My gut says Pomatomus, but I’m going to go with Rainbow monkey. I figure I’m always wrong, so I should choose something other than what my gut says! 🙂

  5. terhi said,

    They all look great! But I like the Pomatomus best (lovely green!), so I’ll guess that.

  6. stacey said,

    I’m going to go with Rainbow Monkey – all goreous!

  7. Bea said,

    I think its the Rainbow Monkey. You’d want to see if the whole skien knitted in a similar fashion right ??

  8. nikkapotamus said,

    I adore the color of the Pomatomus, so that’s my guess!
    OOh, and I love the bag.

  9. Becca said,

    The Pomatomus are my favorite, so I’ll guess that one! Cute bag!

  10. Meghann said,

    I vote the Pomatomus! It’s so purty:)

  11. Kara said,

    I’ll vote for the Rainbow Monkey. 🙂

  12. Janet said,

    I have to guess the Regia sock, since I love the speckly colors so much.

    (But the Pomatomus is my real favorite.)

  13. Sharon said,

    Beautiful socks! I’m going to guess that the Monkey is in there.

  14. trek said,

    I’m betting on a Monkey in the bag!

  15. Ingrid said,

    I think it’s the Rainbow Monkey (which reminds me of a Canadian band from the early 90s called Rainbow Butt Monkeys . . . they have now (sadly) morphed into Finger Eleven).

  16. Catherine said,

    Ok, I was going to say the Monkey but you did mention that you only had 1… so I’m going with the Regia. Plain stockinette = fast sock!

  17. elizabeth said,

    You sound really pumped about the Rainbow Monkey (and you should be) but I’m going to guess the Regia because it’s probably the oldest of the singles and you might want to finish that pair first. If I’m right, I’ll credit my esp!

  18. Trish said,

    I’m going with Rainbow Monkey since it’s my fav. 🙂

  19. leah said,

    So I’m going to go with my fav Pomatomus, though they are are gorgeous!

  20. Shannon said,

    The socks came out great! You have mad dying skills now!

  21. Rachel said,

    While the Pom is my favorite and just a beautiful sock with that yarn, I’m guessing you finished up the monkey’s mate and stuck the poor thing in the bag!

  22. Lauren said,

    I adore the Pomatomus pattern, so that’s my guess.

  23. Nicole said,

    I’m going to guess the Regia for no particular reason – they’re all beautiful socks!

  24. I am guessing Rainbow Monkey because that sock seems to match the color of the bag the best. Nice socks!!

  25. Becky said,

    I’m going to go for the Rainbow Monkey. It’s good to see your blogging, knitting and having fun. Soon (in just one day) that will be me.

  26. Lynn in Tucson said,

    Your Pomatomus looks awesome in that colorway but I’m going to guess that there’s a Monkey in the bag.

  27. ducky said,

    Rainbow Monkey!
    I LOVE what you did with Easter egg dyes! The neutral and pink skein is gorgeous!

  28. Christine said,

    I’m going with rainbow monkey.

  29. Stacee said,

    Rainbow Monkey! I love how the dye turned out–looks as delicious knit up as it did in the skein… very nice job!

  30. Heather said,

    You are so damn funny! Clearly the stockinette buddy is in the bag!

  31. Jess said,

    I think it’s to Pomotamus, since that is such a fun pattern. I do like the Rainbow Monkey quite a bit, though.

  32. ambermoggie said,

    Rainbow monkey for sure:)

  33. Becky said,

    I’m guessing it’s the Pomotomus. I’ve gotta try that pattern–yours is gorgeous! And I’m also very impressed with your dyeing skills. Simply wonderful!

  34. Alex said,

    Aww, the Regia stockinette sock is getting almost no love. Heh. I’m going with the Rainbow Monkey because if it were me, I’d want those to be a pair already!

  35. rasa said,

    I really love the Pomatomus…so I am going to vote that that one…although the Monkey knits up much faster!

  36. TopHat said,

    I’m guessing Monkey- the Monkey pattern is so easy to memorize and knit up quick, so I’m guessing that’s the one you tackled first.

  37. elise said,

    rainbow monkey! 🙂

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