Photographic Perfection?

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I think I like photographing my stitch markers more than I like making them. Then again, they are my current infatuation. At least I get to learn how to use my camera a lot better. Practice will eventually lead to almost perfect or insanity of perfection.

Sparkling Amethyst

I feel so artsy when I photograph. I’ve always wanted to be an artist, but sadly all I can draw are stick figures. Ehhh a girl can dream. 😀

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When I need a knitting pick me up…

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I like to turn to the many amazing blogs out there for some inspiration. I love to look at everyone’s finished works. There are times I feel like I don’t want to knit, but when I see a great photo of some fabulous socks, I just have this uncontrollable urge to either finish one of my socks, or start another. Some blogs make me wish I could knit faster so I’d eventually end up with a whole arsenal of great knits. I suppose if I keep practicing I’ll get there. 😀

A few pick me ups. They knit so fast! 🙂

Haphazard Knitter
Monica Knits A lot
Wendy Knits
Tiennie Knits


Bored at Work

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It’s 2:40am… Ugh I thought I’d pick up an extra shift, and well, I’m pretty sure I’ll regret it since I have two more days of this. The only thing that’s keeping me going is the fact that I keep telling myself, it’s extra yarn money. hehe. I have a feeling I’m gonna be a big grump this Thursday night. It will be my 4th night-shift night in a row and my body is definitely feeling the lag.

I hope everyone is well asleep in bed. I sure wish I was. 😦


Working with my hands

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First off, I would like to thank everyone who left me such kind comforting comments. I feel so close to ya’ll and yet we’ve never met. Strange. 🙂

Not much knitting, but heck, I’m super happy being crafty. What have I been up to? Stitch markers!! They are so fun to make. I made a ton for my newly formed knitting group. Consisting mostly of my coworkers. lol

It is such a joy to twist and turn copper wire into something pretty. A few of my friends suggested I try a sell a few, well guess, what? I freaking sold two sets of my left overs on Etsy. Now I’m on a SM (haha, no dirty thoughts here 😉 ) craze. Don’t know if I’ll keep this up, I tend to get obsessed with a craft but drop it after awhile when it starts become a chore.

Ruby Red Emerald City

I even started giving the sets names. LOL 🙂 Fancy hand painted yarns have pretty names, why can’t my stitch markers? hehe 😀 The green set above has been dub… Emerald City. There are more stitch markers in my Flickr account.


Random Me

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I feel as though I really do not have anything to say. Though so many thoughts and ideas pop into my head day in and day out. I think, “that’s something interesting to talk about.” But then, later on I over analyze my thoughts and begin to censor myself. Why does it matter so much? Why do I care? I sometimes, well, a lot of times feel that what I want to post is just dumb so I wont post. Then the days drag on into weeks and no one hears from me because I’m scared to post. It doesn’t make any sense. I think I would like to try and just be random. Be more of the person I am in the real world. So apologies for the randomness that will begin to appear on this once mainly knitting blog.


Pomo's in the bag.

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I’m so sorry about the last post. I had forgotten about the annual Old Pecan Street festival we have here in Austin and well, that was where I was all day. heheh Lots of fun and tons of food. Corn on the cob is so yummy and of course you can’t forget the turkey leg. YUM!!

In the bag

Thank you for all the guesses and interesting ways ya’ll came up with your guesses. But alas…there can only be one winner. The Pomatomus was in the bag. Sadly it isn’t anywhere near done yet. I’ve been so bad and not sticking to one project.

Becky aka knittingma you’re my winner!!

Have a great week everyone. I’m about to start a new project, yay! Will post more details soon. 😉