Pomo's in the bag.

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I’m so sorry about the last post. I had forgotten about the annual Old Pecan Street festival we have here in Austin and well, that was where I was all day. heheh Lots of fun and tons of food. Corn on the cob is so yummy and of course you can’t forget the turkey leg. YUM!!

In the bag

Thank you for all the guesses and interesting ways ya’ll came up with your guesses. But alas…there can only be one winner. The Pomatomus was in the bag. Sadly it isn’t anywhere near done yet. I’ve been so bad and not sticking to one project.

Becky aka knittingma you’re my winner!!

Have a great week everyone. I’m about to start a new project, yay! Will post more details soon. 😉



  1. kc said,

    I’m so happy I was FINALLY right that I don’t even mind that I didn’t win! hehe 🙂

    corn on the cob = yumminess. was it the roasted kind? now I want some!

  2. dammit, this time my gut was right! 😉 it’s so gorgeous btw!

  3. Angie said,

    Kind of sounds like a punchline to a joke. “…and so the Pomatomus was in the bag!” Maybe your next contest should be to come up with the joke that ends with that punchline! 🙂

  4. Becky said,

    Oooh, I’m so excited! Your Pomatomuses (uh, is that how you’d spell/say it? Pomatomi? Whatever.) are so very lovely. And I really dig your Della Q bag, too. Hope you had fun at the festival!

  5. Heather said,

    So fun to see the WIP in action!

  6. Becky said,

    I received my yarn! It’s so fun and colorful–I’ve been wanting to give the Noro sock yarn a try, but haven’t had the chance. So excited to see how it knits up! Thanks so much (and the chocolate is delicious, too)!

  7. Stefan said,

    Where can I find this gorgeous to buy? I’am very interested on.

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