New look, New knit?

Posted in Baby, Knitting, Sweater at 3:07 am by Jennie

Thought I’d change up the look of the site a bit. Maybe it’ll go better with my new adventurous self. ehh…who knows. Anywho, this is my first non-sock project that isn’t a scarf or hat and I’m super excited. My very good gal pal is expecting and I thought this was the perfect time to learn some new techniques and to get over my fear of actual garments. So here you have my almost finished Child’s Placket Sweater

Child's Placket Sweater

I couldn’t wrap my head around the neck part, so it’s gonna have to be fudged. I’m gonna try to do the top in the yellow so it’ll at least have some balance. I had many hair pulling moments with this project but after attaching the arms and kitchenering them I’m a-ok now. 🙂



  1. wiscjennyann said,

    This is so super cute! I love the pattern and the colors & buttons you chose are adorable! And this is your first sweater?? I am so impressed, it looks fabulous! Beautiful work! Congrats (in advance of finishing)!

  2. stacey said,

    What a sugar sweet little sweater! Glad you grit your teeth through!:)

  3. Heather said,

    LOVE the new look! And the colors of the sweater are genius.

  4. Trish said,

    The blog looks great and the sweater is cute cute cute! I’ve thought about making one for my nephew but the kid is growing like a weed. He’d probably be grown out of it before I finished it. 🙂

  5. Becky said,

    I’ve been meaning to make that little sweater too! I like how you added the yellow. And the blog looks good too.

  6. Jean said,

    I’ve made that sweater twice. It’s such a fun knit. I love how you’re using two colors. And the buttons are adorable. BTW, the reason you’re having problems with the placket neck is because there’s an error in the pattern as written in the book. I think if you go online you’ll be able to find errata. The first time I made it was about three years ago and I called the store directly to figure out what was going on. They were super helpful and e mailed me the correction.

  7. Alex said,

    I like the new look. Very clean. The archives being at the bottom throws me off just a bit, though.

    Lovely little sweater, gives me inspiration for something for my niece.

  8. tiennie said,

    Very cute! I like the new “look” too!

  9. very very nice!!! i had alot of problems w/ that sweater when i tried it, but i realized after i got mad and stomped on it that there was errata in the pattern. 🙂 oops. 🙂 hahaha but i’m glad to see that you’ve gotten this far!

  10. Shannon said,

    I like the new look and the sweater is very cute! I’ll have to try one sometime.

  11. rasa said,

    That is really cute! I’ve knit a number of baby sweaters lately. Will be posting the latest pictures on Ravelry as soon as I get the latest one blocked and buttons sewn on.

  12. mel said,

    I love the new look! And what a sweet little baby knit-I love the yellow seed stitch trim!

  13. trek said,

    I LIKE it!

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