Starts and Stops

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Everyone is bound to have it or have had it over and over again. What is it?? Startitis!! Yes, instead of finishing something, I’ve decided to cast on another sock. Yup. I just got utterly bored with plain stockinette socks as gifts for friends and family. Since everyone isn’t ready for the fancy stuff yet. grrr. I have quite a few more footies to do, but gosh I really needed something to tantalize my finger.
The Spring Forward sock pattern was just the thing! It looks pretty fancy and turns out to be a simple knit. Definitely give it a whirl if you have the chance.

Spring Forward Sock

I was able to try out my “rustic rose” colorway. But I’m rethinking to call it something watermelony…ehh?



Rocking Jo's Mo

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Getting back in sync with my love. You guessed it, socks!! I finally finished the Pomatomus. Will I knit that pattern again? Not anytime soon. I really love the result but for some reason I was in a slump after finishing up the first one.

Pomo's modeled Pomatomus
Yarn: Schaefer Ann

I’m also happy to report that my lil’ wee cousin will be getting her socks. But I have to wait and knit up footies for her brothers too so they don’t feel left out. One pair down, two more to go…

Footies for Hannah
Yarn: SWTC Tofutsies

The jumbleness of two at a time. I really need to crank out gifts and this way I’m sure to finish both socks and they fit the same. yay!! This is my first try at knitting from both ends, yeah, messy, messy, but I think I’ve figured it out.

2 at Once Jumble
Yarn: Lanna Grossa: Mega Boots Stretch

Happy Hump Day!! 🙂


And the lucky commenter is…

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Wiscjennyann of the super nifty Craft K.O. 2.0 !!

Many thanks to everyone for all your wonderful birthday wishes. I had a great time with friends and family. LOL I kept calling it my birthday week since I had a few dinners to go to on different nights. Yay for awesome friends!!

Not many knitting related gifts so I’ll leave ya with some awesome self acquire lovely pr0n.

Gauge Set

Go check Karen’s Etsy store out at karatstix.etsy.com. She’s super nice and so wonderful to work with. I custom ordered the whole set from her.


Birthday Contest

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It’s that time once again. Another contest!!! In celebration of turning another older and becoming another year knit-wiser.

Let’s have a simple contest. I want to know what interests you. Post of link of something you love/like/enjoy and the winner will be randomly chosen from the comments. Simple as a 5 layer cake? And the prize? It’ll be fun stuff and of course a fabulous skein of sock yarn.

Here’s something I love. GREEN. I have always been infatuated with all shades of green. I am drawn to the aspects of green in nature. Something about a beautiful landscape photo just takes my breath away.

I love green!

Less than 12 hours and I’m officially a year older… 😛


I'm a sucker for silly things…

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Just thought I’d post about my weird randomness obsession. I had to make a quick run to Target today after work because we are having a party and i needed to pick up some mini gifts. Anywho, that’s not really important right now. So here are my weird quirks. I love pens!! I want to try new ones when they come out. So of course I was a sucker and bought these…

Frixon Pens

The idea behind them seemed cool. They are pens and they are erasable. Ummm yeah, not quite erasable. They still leave a pretty good impression behind and a faded tinge of color. Oh well… off to pout about that… ETA: okay I’m a dumbo, the nuby tips at the end of the pens actually do erase the ink well. so yeah, forget  my crazy comments.

Speaking of pouts. Here’s another gimmicky thing that suckered me. I bought this because the packaging was just so silly.

Sexy Motherpucker

Does it work? Yeah, it plumps up your lips quick and then they deflate a little later. So was it worth $10 ehhh dunno, I’m just a crazy gal.

And I had to by this:

Scotch Tape Dispenser

because my deco tapes needed a home and for some reason my other scotch dispenser was not a good fit. I think I needed the middle thingy to go into the deco tape’s center. ehhh it works and I’m happy to show off this…

Deco Tape in Dispenser

A final note. I love Swedish Fish. They are soooo addicting. Really bad for your teeth since they stick like crazy but oh so yum!!

Swedish Fish Yum!!

oh wait, almost forgot…I don’t really love milk, I’m actually kinda lactose intolerant. But this was just too cute. An I love Milk coin purse.

I love Milk coin purse

That’s all the quirkiness for now. I hope everyone has a great week. Oh and yeah Plurk has kinda take over a part of my life. Some come be my friend. I’m still a bit lonely.


Plurking around…

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Alright, so I’m a bit late to the party but I thought I’d check out plurk.com since it’s the new thing (yeah I’m a sucker for being a huge joiner) and supposedly a bit better than twitter. Not that I have much to say or much going on, but I’m really jazzed about plurk because it’s sorta like a game. I want my Karma points darn it!! If anyone is on it or interested come be my friend. I’m on there as EsotericKnitter. I’m kinda lonely please be my friend ;-( lol. Anywho, I hope everyone has a great Tuesday, I’m off to bed… muah! 😡



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I’ve finally finished my Noro Kureyon socks. Too bad I have to cast on again so I’d get a pair instead of two single socks. 😦 Overall knitting two socks at a time was interesting. It took a bit of untangling and figuring out what went where but once I did, the process came naturally since I’ve been knitting with the magic loop method for some time now. Okay…on to the Noro sock yarn. Hmmm… It’s true what everyone’s been saying. This stuff is not soft, really scratchy, and lots of thick and thin spots. Some of the thick spots were almost worsted in size. I thought I wouldn’t be able to work with it because I prefer softer supples yarns, but I stayed with it and it wasn’t so bad. What kept me going were the colors. I wanted to see what would come next and how it would look. Though, I don’t like how thick the colors are. LOL, I’m so picky. Anywho, for those interested here are two socks to check out how a certain colorway would knit up.

Kureyon Sock 102 Noro Kureyon Sock #102

Kureyon Sock 180 Noro Kureyon Sock #180

Oh, yeah I finished my Rainbow Monkey socks awhile back, but never got around to posting them since I’ve been in a non-blogging state of mind.

Rainbow Monkey

And another pair of plain stockinette socks that have been waiting forever for its mate. I practiced the short row heel using Cat Bordhi’s concealed wrap method. Check out her youtube videos Here and Here.They helped me a lot. The process was interesting, but I’m still not super happy with short rows… 😦

Regia 4-fadig Color Short Row Heel

Off to finish up my long forgotten Pomo…ugh I think I am starting to have a really bad case of startitis…and it bums me out since I was good at finishing things. I still haven’t even touched the baby sweater and all I have left is the freaking collar. What is up with that?!?


More time…

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I wish there were more hours in the day. So that I can do all the things I love. Lately it’s been reading. I feel as though my mind has been hungry for so many years, that it needs to devour as many books as possible. It’s trying to catch up from all the years of unimaginative confinement. I enjoy sitting around relaxing as I am entranced and utterly captivated by the the story. Some have been so entertaining that I stay up until the wee hours of morning just to find out what happens next.

Sadly, many times I have to debate whether to knit or read. Such a dilemma. 😦

That’s why, wouldn’t it be perfectly fantastic if we could all have a few more hours to do the many things we love. 🙂

I’m currently fixed on the series of books by Philippa Gregory. It all started with the movie The Other Boleyn Girl. Which happens to be the first of a current 5 book series. The 6th is due out this September. I’m currently on the 4th, The Constant Princess.

<A HREF=”http://ws.amazon.com/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&MarketPlace=US&ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fesoteknitt-20%2F8010%2Fe1fa3839-8c8d-427d-a4dd-c515ead8c1ac&Operation=NoScript” mce_HREF=”http://ws.amazon.com/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&MarketPlace=US&ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fesoteknitt-20%2F8010%2Fe1fa3839-8c8d-427d-a4dd-c515ead8c1ac&Operation=NoScript”>Amazon.com Widgets</A>
I’ve gotten quite a few of my coworkers interested and we’re just passing the books around. So if you need some summer reading do check them out.

Oh, and I was so lucky to stumble upon The Virgin Blue at my local Half Price Book store. Gosh, it was a great buy. It started out sorta slow, but once I hit about half way, I couldn’t put it down. This was the book that made me stay up all night because I just had to know how it ends.

Happy Summer reading!

Movie: Wanted

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Okay, if you’re like me and have a girl crush on Angelina, this is a must see. She looks amazing!! I’m not a super fan of action movies but heck there are two hotties to look at. James McAvoy is just too cute. For an action movie there were a lot of funny lines and situations. Everything was so fast paced and there are tons of “it can only happen in the movies” kind of moments. Overall an enjoyable just for fun movie. It’s even funnier as I’m watching, I’m half expecting Morgan Freeman to just start narrating the movie. lol 😀

My [Rating:4] for the action fun.