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I’ve finally finished my Noro Kureyon socks. Too bad I have to cast on again so I’d get a pair instead of two single socks. 😦 Overall knitting two socks at a time was interesting. It took a bit of untangling and figuring out what went where but once I did, the process came naturally since I’ve been knitting with the magic loop method for some time now. Okay…on to the Noro sock yarn. Hmmm… It’s true what everyone’s been saying. This stuff is not soft, really scratchy, and lots of thick and thin spots. Some of the thick spots were almost worsted in size. I thought I wouldn’t be able to work with it because I prefer softer supples yarns, but I stayed with it and it wasn’t so bad. What kept me going were the colors. I wanted to see what would come next and how it would look. Though, I don’t like how thick the colors are. LOL, I’m so picky. Anywho, for those interested here are two socks to check out how a certain colorway would knit up.

Kureyon Sock 102 Noro Kureyon Sock #102

Kureyon Sock 180 Noro Kureyon Sock #180

Oh, yeah I finished my Rainbow Monkey socks awhile back, but never got around to posting them since I’ve been in a non-blogging state of mind.

Rainbow Monkey

And another pair of plain stockinette socks that have been waiting forever for its mate. I practiced the short row heel using Cat Bordhi’s concealed wrap method. Check out her youtube videos Here and Here.They helped me a lot. The process was interesting, but I’m still not super happy with short rows… 😦

Regia 4-fadig Color Short Row Heel

Off to finish up my long forgotten Pomo…ugh I think I am starting to have a really bad case of startitis…and it bums me out since I was good at finishing things. I still haven’t even touched the baby sweater and all I have left is the freaking collar. What is up with that?!?



  1. What is wrong with the short heel? It looks fine to me! And yeah, it’s only a matter of time that you will get startitis. I see it as a sign that you really like knitting and that you have a lot of good stuff. No worries, they will eventually get done!

  2. Ingrid said,

    Holy sock, batman! I just finished one Noro sock and can’t wait to start its pair. I agree that the yarn is scratchy, breaks easily and is thick and thin, but the colours are so worth it!

    Great socks, by the way!

  3. trek said,

    Oh my on the sock completions!

  4. wiscjennyann said,

    Those concealed wrap short row socks are amazing. What is that yarn? It’s craaaazy! Lots and lots of color here! Love it!

  5. Angie said,

    Love the socks! I have some Noro sock yarn that has been sitting around waiting to be knit up. I’ve been so conflicted with all the comments from folks about the scratchiness (and it feels really unappealing to knit with!)…. but those Noro colors! Did it soften up at all when you washed and blocked it?

  6. Sharon said,

    Love the socks. Have you had a chance to wash the Noro ones yet? I hear they soften up really well. I’ve been wanting to use my Noro sock yarn soon. It looks so lonely in my stash (dunno why, cuz it’s got PLENTY of company…)

    I’m not a fan of short rows. I can’t seem to get them to look right and not-gapey, you know? Going by your pictures, yours look nice and neat, though.

  7. Alex said,

    I would like to point out that the one sock (out of three choices) you had in your bag for the last contest is the one that’s still not finished. Silly Jennie.

    I like how Noro #102 looks, but I’m not gonna try it. The inconsistency of the yarn would drive me insane.

    Whoa, that Plurk thing is new. I’m not jumping on the bandwagon though.

  8. Shannon said,

    Lots of socks! I love the colors of the Noro – but I can’t imagine wearing them. I bet they aren’t nearly ad bad as I imagine them. I love short rows; it makes the socks go faster for me.

  9. Trish said,

    All the socks look great! The short row heels look fine to me. I see you’re plurking too. I just couldn’t seem to get into it.

  10. Heather said,

    Yes, colors are the Noro strong suit and softness definitely isn’t! I put my Noro socks away because it felt like knitting with lichen…but yours are cool!

  11. tiennie said,

    I think they all look great! Oh, and the plurking thing? Not gonna do it, not getting sucked in, nope nope nope!!!

  12. Bee said,

    Hi Jennie, ooh socks! I haven’t knit socks in a while and your lovely socks is inspiring me to cast on for a pair.

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