I'm a sucker for silly things…

Posted in Random Me at 11:46 am by Jennie

Just thought I’d post about my weird randomness obsession. I had to make a quick run to Target today after work because we are having a party and i needed to pick up some mini gifts. Anywho, that’s not really important right now. So here are my weird quirks. I love pens!! I want to try new ones when they come out. So of course I was a sucker and bought these…

Frixon Pens

The idea behind them seemed cool. They are pens and they are erasable. Ummm yeah, not quite erasable. They still leave a pretty good impression behind and a faded tinge of color. Oh well… off to pout about that… ETA: okay I’m a dumbo, the nuby tips at the end of the pens actually do erase the ink well. so yeah, forget  my crazy comments.

Speaking of pouts. Here’s another gimmicky thing that suckered me. I bought this because the packaging was just so silly.

Sexy Motherpucker

Does it work? Yeah, it plumps up your lips quick and then they deflate a little later. So was it worth $10 ehhh dunno, I’m just a crazy gal.

And I had to by this:

Scotch Tape Dispenser

because my deco tapes needed a home and for some reason my other scotch dispenser was not a good fit. I think I needed the middle thingy to go into the deco tape’s center. ehhh it works and I’m happy to show off this…

Deco Tape in Dispenser

A final note. I love Swedish Fish. They are soooo addicting. Really bad for your teeth since they stick like crazy but oh so yum!!

Swedish Fish Yum!!

oh wait, almost forgot…I don’t really love milk, I’m actually kinda lactose intolerant. But this was just too cute. An I love Milk coin purse.

I love Milk coin purse

That’s all the quirkiness for now. I hope everyone has a great week. Oh and yeah Plurk has kinda take over a part of my life. Some come be my friend. I’m still a bit lonely.



  1. Ingrid said,

    I am crazy about pens too. Actually, anything that resembles school supplies make me happy. I get really giddy when stores start selling school supplies . . . even though I haven’t been to school in quite a few years.

    And that milk purse? Ridiculously cute.

  2. Meghann said,

    LOL….I love pens and notebooks. I was in heaven when it was time to shop for school supplies. I obsessively buy new notebooks!

  3. How the hell does it puff up your lips? That scares me.

  4. Manda said,

    Ooh, I’m an office/school supply junkie too. LOVE new pens, but I hate “erasable” pens.. they usually suck. 😦

  5. trek said,

    My little one would love the milk pouch! It’s great. Pink, milk, and it holds stuff. What’s not to love?

  6. Heather said,

    Yeah, I love pens, too! I always buy a bunch of fountain pens whenever I go to France, it’s my fave souvenir:)

  7. stacey said,

    I’m a little biased – but these little girls make me smile…

    These cupcakes would make me happy:)

    Happy birthday!!!

  8. tiennie said,

    I love that dollar section at Target!

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