Birthday Contest

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It’s that time once again. Another contest!!! In celebration of turning another older and becoming another year knit-wiser.

Let’s have a simple contest. I want to know what interests you. Post of link of something you love/like/enjoy and the winner will be randomly chosen from the comments. Simple as a 5 layer cake? And the prize? It’ll be fun stuff and of course a fabulous skein of sock yarn.

Here’s something I love. GREEN. I have always been infatuated with all shades of green. I am drawn to the aspects of green in nature. Something about a beautiful landscape photo just takes my breath away.

I love green!

Less than 12 hours and I’m officially a year older… 😛



  1. Janet said,

    Happy almost birthday!!

    It’s difficult to narrow down what I love, but aside from the obvious (family, friends, life, health, etc), here’s a link to a visual display of “sock knitting”

  2. I love … HANDSPUN!!! 🙂 One of my favorite spinner peeps is SourCherries, she spins up so much lovely!

  3. Sarah said,

    Happy early birthday.

    You took the thing I love – green.

    But here is another thing near and dear to my heart:
    simple grilled cheese

    I especially love diner grilled cheeses.

  4. Heather said,

    Happy Birthday to you :)I am a July Baby too…hope that you enjoy your special day!!!
    LIKE/ http://www.ravelry.com/people/Punkypurls
    ENJOY/http://www.flickr.com/photos/8146438@N06/2581545286/ AND http://www.flickr.com/photos/8146438@N06/2671849384/in/set-72157600178595812/

  5. jennsquared said,

    I love the 1000 Islands. It is absolutely beautiful and I love going up there vacationing.


    Happy almost birthday!

  6. TopHat said,

    I love these little Theodore comics: http://theodorefriendtoall.blogspot.com/

    They’re fun.

  7. Meghann said,

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Going home! I know it sounds so cliche, but I love going home to my parents house…hanging out with family, enjoying sitting on the giant wrap-around porch and watching the kids play, going to the lake, getting icecream. It’s my favorite place to go!

  8. Tina M. said,

    Happy Birthday (to be)! May your birthday be full of all things wonderful. 🙂

    I love chilly autumn nights, flannel sheets and snuggling into bed with my husband. When your nose starts to get cold and you put off closing the bedroom windows for as long as you can is one of the best feelings in the world.

  9. Angie said,

    A very happy birthday to you!! What do a love? A zillion things… actually this picture was the result of a meme I completed a while back that summarizes me (and what I love) all in one picture… ok, mosaic, but I’m counting it as one! The questions (and text answers) are at the bottom, but I love the way the picture itself came out. http://flickr.com/photos/25322812@N04/2557724056/

  10. Alex said,

    The Venture Brothers! And a bunch of other things on Adult Swim. That link is to one of the episodes from this season, so it might not make complete sense unless you’ve been watching for a while.

    Happy birthday!

  11. elizabeth said,

    Happy birthday!!!! I love color! I love to dye it, knit it, spin it, and I just wish I were more fearless in wearing it!

  12. Lauren said,

    Happy Birthday!

    I love Brooklyn!

  13. Ingrid said,

    Happy birthday Jennie!

    I love Sia (http://www.myspace.com/siamusic). She’s really weird but she has an amazing voice and I can’t stop listening to her newest record.

  14. Trish said,

    Happy Birthday!!! I love the photos you picked. One of the things that really grabs my attention is a sunset. There’s nothing better then watching the sunset at the end of a long day. We have some very beautiful sunsets up here in Big Sky Country.

    Some gorgeous sunset shots:

    Here’s some in Montana:

  15. Rachel said,

    Happy Birthday!!! Wow, when I stop to think about that answer, I realized that I love lots of things. So how about we go with babies…and not the normal kind…


  16. Becca said,

    Good & Plenty candy.


    I love them. I wish I could eat a bag every day. There’s many things I love, but Good & Plentys are the simple answer.

  17. Kellie said,

    I love the colour orange! Here is a link to the first thing that flickr threw up when I searched ‘love orange’ – http://www.flickr.com/photos/romeosghost/2298389317/

  18. Shannon said,

    Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you are doing something special for yourself on this day.

  19. Nancy said,

    Happy Birthday!

    So many things interest me – but here’s one I’ve been fascinated with lately


    Besides the pyramids (which are too cool), the religions, the jewelry, the lifestyle….all of it.

  20. Nicole (ikkinlala) said,

    Happy birthday!

    There are so many things I love, but a lot of them (family, friends, certain places, etc.) aren’t things I can link to online. Here’s one that is – dark chocolate: http://www.greenandblacks.com/us/what-we-make/bars/dark-70.html

    And here’s another – my local library: http://www.orl.bc.ca/

  21. WiscJennyAnn said,

    At present, I am enjoying being in the Netherlands. I am spending 8 days with my boyfriend before heading to the US for 4 months (and that’s a LONG time to be away). But while I’m here, the trip is the furthest thing from my mind and I am deeply and completely happy.

    So here you go (even with some green thrown in!):
    green vinyl, red table and ash tray inside Dutch train

    Happy happy birthday!

  22. Aside from my crazy love of all things fiber related I really love plants and healing. I study and use plants for medicine and hope to use my nursing degree to blend allopathic and alternative medicine in my practice. Have a happy birthday!

  23. elise said,

    i love the smell of lavender and the taste of sushi.
    happy bday!

  24. nikkapotamus said,

    Happy Birthday!
    I love Pioneer Woman.


  25. rasa said,

    Happy Birthday!!! I love gerbera daisies – they are such cheary flowers!

  26. tiennie said,

    Happy blogiversary! No entry from me – just wanted to congratulate you!

  27. Cathy said,

    Since I got into sock knitting, I found that I love shopping at The Loopy Ewe. http://www.theloopyewe.com/

    They have the best customer service and fun freebies in every order. I know it sounds like an ad, and I hestitated about posting this, but it’s really true. When I thought about posting a link to something I love/like/enjoy that’s just what kept coming to mind!

    Happy Birthday! I enjoy reading your blog!

  28. trek said,

    Happy Birthday!

    I like BLUE :o)

  29. terhi said,

    Happy Birthday! 🙂

    Something I really enjoy right now is fishing with my dad. I love him very much, and I love that there’s something we can do together that we both enjoy.


  30. Ühltje said,

    I hope you had a great Birthday with lots of green!

    I love going on holiday. Trains, hikes, sun (sometimes), trains, knitting, trains, being with my love 24/7 and we went to Switzerland so we saw a lot of trains (almost forgot to mention that one)

    http://flickr.com/photos/uhltje/2685671034/ and http://flickr.com/photos/uhltje/2687653309/

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