And the lucky commenter is…

Posted in Accessories, Birthday, Contests, Random Me at 4:16 pm by Jennie

Wiscjennyann of the super nifty Craft K.O. 2.0 !!

Many thanks to everyone for all your wonderful birthday wishes. I had a great time with friends and family. LOL I kept calling it my birthday week since I had a few dinners to go to on different nights. Yay for awesome friends!!

Not many knitting related gifts so I’ll leave ya with some awesome self acquire lovely pr0n.

Gauge Set

Go check Karen’s Etsy store out at karatstix.etsy.com. She’s super nice and so wonderful to work with. I custom ordered the whole set from her.



  1. OMG, I *so* have to have some of those, they are too darn cute!

  2. Alex said,

    Wow! Those are really lovely!

    I, personally, wouldn’t trust my family to get me knitting related gifts. Heh…

  3. Trish said,

    These are on my must get list!

    My b-day gifts normally consist of gift cards because my family never knows what to get me. 🙂

  4. tiennie said,

    Glad you had a great birthday week! Congrats to wiscjennyann!

  5. trek said,

    I love the sock needle sizer!

  6. heather said,

    Glad that you had a great birthday! I just custom ordered a wpi gauge for my HHHH swap partner. You’re right about here customer service it’s awsome!!! I hope my HHHH partner likes it because I really love it. If my HHHH partner doesn’t get me a wpi I just might have to get myself one 🙂
    My husband and parents are going to get me a spinning wheel for my birthday…they normally don’t know what to pick out for me so I just told them to give me the $ so I can pick out what wheel I want 🙂 Otherwise I don’t get much knitting/spinning related gifts unless they come from my sister who knits and knows what I love 🙂
    Happy Birthday again!

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