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Getting back in sync with my love. You guessed it, socks!! I finally finished the Pomatomus. Will I knit that pattern again? Not anytime soon. I really love the result but for some reason I was in a slump after finishing up the first one.

Pomo's modeled Pomatomus
Yarn: Schaefer Ann

I’m also happy to report that my lil’ wee cousin will be getting her socks. But I have to wait and knit up footies for her brothers too so they don’t feel left out. One pair down, two more to go…

Footies for Hannah
Yarn: SWTC Tofutsies

The jumbleness of two at a time. I really need to crank out gifts and this way I’m sure to finish both socks and they fit the same. yay!! This is my first try at knitting from both ends, yeah, messy, messy, but I think I’ve figured it out.

2 at Once Jumble
Yarn: Lanna Grossa: Mega Boots Stretch

Happy Hump Day!! 🙂



  1. ooooh, pretty pretty socks!

  2. stacey said,

    Loving those Pomatomus – I took almost a year break before doing my second one – it’s does that to you!

  3. Bee said,

    Your Pom socks turned out great. I love the pattern but you’re right, it’s quite time consuming. I love the color of the Tofutsies. Very cute!!! Your cousin will love them.

  4. Rachel said,

    The Pomatomus look great! Your last picture sort of gives me a tic above my right eye. 🙂

  5. Sarah Wentz said,

    Love the Pomatomus socks. So pretty!

  6. Trish said,

    Socks look great! 🙂

    I’ve found that re-winding the ball into a yarn cake makes it easier. I put the yarn cake on one of those plastic things that blank CDs come on.

  7. kc said,

    your pomatomus look awesome!! I still haven’t finished mine. I love the pattern too, but man. for some reason I keep getting messed up – probably because I’m just not paying enough attention. I want to finish mine though… this is inspiring me 🙂

  8. tiennie said,

    The socks are wonderful!

  9. Ingrid said,

    Ooooh! Those pomatomuses, no pomatomi, whatever, are gorgeous! I tried the pattern once before but got really overwhelmed. I should try it again, now that I’m a more “accomplished” knitter! 🙂

  10. Alex said,

    Hooray for the finishing all the 1×1 twisted rib!

    I think knitting two socks at a time is fiddly enough, let alone from two ends of one ball. More power to you.

  11. wiscjennyann said,

    Pretty pretty socks, indeed!

    I am really itching to figure out two-at-a-time knitting… I’m generally not scared of a knitting challenge, but for some reason I’m having a mental block on discovering this fabulous style of sock knitting. Maybe first I’ll try and make the switch from DPNs to circs… baby steps! 😀

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