Starts and Stops

Posted in DIY, Knitting, Socks tagged at 7:09 pm by Jennie

Everyone is bound to have it or have had it over and over again. What is it?? Startitis!! Yes, instead of finishing something, I’ve decided to cast on another sock. Yup. I just got utterly bored with plain stockinette socks as gifts for friends and family. Since everyone isn’t ready for the fancy stuff yet. grrr. I have quite a few more footies to do, but gosh I really needed something to tantalize my finger.
The Spring Forward sock pattern was just the thing! It looks pretty fancy and turns out to be a simple knit. Definitely give it a whirl if you have the chance.

Spring Forward Sock

I was able to try out my “rustic rose” colorway. But I’m rethinking to call it something watermelony…ehh?



  1. stacey said,

    I just love how looks laying there! Gorgeous colorway too!

  2. trek said,

    Does remind me of watermelons!

  3. Trish said,

    Been there, done that, still fighting it! 🙂

    That color does remind me of watermelons.

  4. tiennie said,

    That is a very pretty pattern!

  5. sophanne said,

    I’ve decided that someone somewhere declared starting projects a disease. Who says so? Why must it be startitis and not startorama? Me? I’ve got some serious startorama too.

  6. Alex said,

    Mmm…I love the color; it’s making me hungry.

    Psst, you’ve got an extra quotation mark in your link to the pattern.

  7. heather said,

    loving it so far…I can’t wait to see the finished pair 🙂 Happy Knitting!

  8. kc said,

    I’ve been getting startitis lately, too. but I agree with sophanne… it’s perfectly alright! it’s your knitting, do what you want 🙂 I think of cantaloupe when I see that yarn. it’s really pretty – good job!

  9. zehava said,

    i love the colourway and the pattern you chose 😀

  10. Knitterella said,

    Cute! Love the colors too!

    Will have to add this to my favs in Ravelry – you know, since I’m a sock knitter now and all!

  11. jane said,

    Nice pattern and absolutely love the colorway!

  12. lynda jo said,

    I thought that being in the Army and being in barracks with limited yarn buying abilities and having to show to about 200 people what i got in the mail that day would stop my startitis. nope. I pull hanks of yarn I got in the mail out in front of 200 people and yes, lion brand sock ease is good yarn. So, I have found ways to support my startitis. It never goes away. Embrace it.

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