Reading Road Block

Posted in Books tagged , at 2:38 am by Jennie

Why haven’t I finished any of my knits? I’ve been sucked into the hype. I’m such a sucker for trends. Over on plurk there was a huge buzz about the Twilight series since the 4th book, Breaking Dawn was recently released. So many people kept saying how great the books were. I just had to check them out. I’m sooooooo glad I did. I was really caught up in the story of the first book,Twilight and well, read it in two days. lol. Skimped on sleep just to read what happens next.

I’m currently on the second one, New Moon, and I need to make a stop at Walmart to get the 3rd. I suppose it’s just something fun to read, to pretend that when I was a teen this could’ve happened. lol. Don’t we all just want that kind of love? Deep teenage, crazy, out of control love? I was pretty darn geeky in high school, still kinda am, so yeah I’m gonna pretend to live the main character’s life. heheh I know, it’s silly, but a girl can dream. 🙂

I’m also wrapped up in planning a baby shower for one of my fave gal pals and it’s going crazy. I decided to take on the task of making nifty party favors. I’ll try to take some pics of me trying to crafty.


  1. Hanne said,

    It’s always wonderful to find a book which makes you skip sleep. They are rare gems indeed.

  2. elizabeth said,

    I love books that I get all caught up in like that! Knitting will be there, reading is a great distraction to have.

  3. Tiffany said,

    I am so obsessed with the series too! (As you knew, hehe) I’m on Breaking Dawn right now–keep reading! 😀

  4. Bee said,

    Reading rocks! I haven’t gotten into that series myself but my brother got inadvertently sucked into it during one long layover and nothing to read, he picked the first book up. He now has all four. I tease him for reading a sappy book, despite not really knowing what the book is all about really. 😉 Might be tempted to pick it up as I have a month off work, except the knitting is keeping me busy. Happy reading!

  5. nikkapotamus said,

    This is such a great guilty pleasure read! I finished the whole series in less than a week. I bought mine all a week before Breaking Dawn released and then went to the release party and stayed up way too late to read it. Once you’ve read it, you can find some Eclipse socks on Ravelry to make. You know you’re gonna want to!

  6. I’ll have to check that out sometime!

  7. Heather said,

    My 13 year old daughter is totally obsessed as well–she bought the book at midnight on Sat. and read it straight through. Is it wrong to let your daughter skip church to read a vampire story???

  8. Meghann said,

    Love these books! I got the 4th on Saturday and read it all by noon on Sunday!

  9. tiennie said,

    I have the series but I have yet to start it! I’m going to soon.

  10. Stacey said,

    Another Twighlight fan – hmmm, I so need to dive into this series!

  11. Knitterella said,

    I’m not much of a reader but I think it would be nice to get into. Maybe these books would be a good start!

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