Simple Knitting

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I enjoy hats, well, more like I have a love and hate relationship with them. I love the look, but hate the look on me. I have an odd shaped head so every time I wear a hat/beanie, I look like a ridiculous alien. Therefore I hardly knit them. 😦

But they are so quick to knit and well, when you want to try out a new brand of yarn (new to me yarn) such as Cascade 220 Superwash, you go right ahead a pick a simple yet textured hat. The Marsan Watchcap was perfect. Not too much and just enough to keep me going. Plus, I was able to knit up something for my little brother.

Marsan Watchcap 1 Marsan Watchcap

Final thoughts: I really like Cascade 220 and will definitely use it on more items especially since I can get it in the superwash variety. I wasn’t too big a fan of ktbl’s but it does give the hat that “pop” factor so I can live with that. When we first picked the color out on the Webs webpage, we thought we were getting a medium gray, but turns out, it’s a dark heathered gray/green. We still like it.  🙂

Currently working on: A mate for this simple sock.

Opaling around

My first pair of Opal socks just for me. The last time I worked on a pair of Opals was for my cousin a year ago. And since my stash has grown to an unmanageable size I really had to shop from the stash. This was from my earlier days of sock knitting, wow, come to think of it, I’ve had this in there for almost 3 years, wow! Anywho, sometimes simple is the way to go.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!



I am…

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Bored. And this is the random thing I stumbled upon…

I am Marianne Dashwood!



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Baby Set A

Child’s Placket Sweater
Mary Jane booties
(no actual pattern for the hat, just a few rows of seed stitch and then stockinette) Oh and if ya’ll don’t already have a pompom maker, definitely give them a try. They make pompoms look so nice.

This was that project that took me forever. It really shouldn’t have. But I kept procrastinating. So when the baby shower was looming around,  I had to get my act together and finish the sweater, knit up the hat and baby booties in oh, say 3 days. lol. I’m super happy with the way the sweater turned out. My first sweater yay!! It’s now given me some courage to maybe think about knitting a sweater for myself.  We’ll see.

Spring Forward

I’ve finished these socks for awhile now. The Spring Forward pattern is simple and not so boring. Oh and if anyone is thinking of using Easter egg dye or cool aid, if you set the colors, they really don’t fade as you would think. I’m really hard on my socks putting them through the washer and dryer, so yeah, the colors really hold up.