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Fluffy softness. Yup, that’s what’s been captivating my interest. Here are some of my latest spins. These weren’t done on my drop spindle, but on my nifty new toy. The Little Meggie. It’s suppose to be a kick spindle, but I just put it on a table and spin with my hand.

Handspun yarns Little Meggie

To fuel my new obsession, I had a fun hand dyeing/painting session in my back yard. Here are my new lovely rovings.  🙂 The great part is that they’re superwash merino. YUM!!

Favorite Color Colorway: Favorite Color

Tainted love Colorway: Tainted Love

Autumn Colorway: Autumn

Sweet Berries Colorway: Sweet Berries

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!



  1. WiscJennyAnn said,

    Ooo, looks like fun! Oh and I luuuuuuuv that Autumn colorway!

  2. OMG, gorgeous rovings, especially the last two! You are sooooooo hooked!

  3. Heather said,

    Well, my daughter is newly obsessed with spinning, she just loves it and I’m enjoying watching her do it.

    And doesn’t ‘Little Meggie’ sound like a little bit like a vibrator?

  4. Alex said,

    Whoa, when you get into something, you get into it!

    I love the yarn you spun up, looks kinda like Malabrigo or those other thick-thin singles yarns. Pretty!

  5. Bee said,

    Great job on those squishy lookin singles…and I love the colorways you came up with for your fibers. Wow! I really like the Autumn and Sweet Berries.

  6. trillian42 said,

    Nifty kick spindle – I’ve always wanted to try one of those.

    And OMG the Tainted Love! Fabulous!!! (Of course, now the song is running through my head…)

  7. Ingrid said,

    I saw those kick spindles on youtube! They looked really neat. How do you like yours? How does it compare to spinning with a drop spindle?

  8. Trish said,

    Yum! Serious gorgeous colors. How do you like your kick spindle? I’ve seen videos but never gotten a chance to see one in person.

  9. tiennie said,

    What a cute new toy! It looks like it would be fun to spin with that!

  10. Dove said,

    The yarn is so pretty!

  11. winnie said,

    I saw that kick spindle at the fiber fest last sunday for the first time. Too bad I didn’t see it in action though. Was afraid to ask the girl who brought it with her for a demo. Those are some gorgeous stash!

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