Site problems

Posted in Random Me at 3:15 am by Jennie

Okay, it looks like my site has gone berserk and well, so am I. I did a boo boo on flickr when I tried to destash and they closed down my account. So now I’ll have to start over and reload E-V-E-R-Y thing and back track to all my post to reinsert the photos.  😦 wish me luck!



  1. that sucks!!!

  2. Bee said,

    That sucks! I’ve seen so many other people use Flickr to sell things. When I did my last destash, I had to go through Photobucket to do it because I didn’t want to take the chance that they’d close my account. Bummer to hear it.

  3. WiscJennyAnn said,

    OMG, what a drag! 😦 I totally wouldn’t have thought of that… so good to know! Will be careful about that in the future. Good luck with the uploading/relinking.

  4. tiennie said,

    What a bummer!

  5. Heather said,

    Oh man that absolutely BITES!!

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