Squares for a cause

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My first sock yarn square for the Michelle project.
If you have left over superwash sock yarn definitely think about joining up.
The pattern used is from Knit me a River.

I’m on a my second one. Ohhh be sure that the square measures about 9″. I had to stretch my square a bit to hit that size.

Isn’t my board spiffy? I picked it up at JoAnn for $8 and some change. It was on sale, lucky me!!

BTW, I was wondering what I should do about the hole in the middle of the square. I left a tail to sew it up but I don’t know if I should keep the hole. What are your thoughts?



"You spin me right round, baby…

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Right round, like a record, baby, right round, round round.”  Pretty much sums up what’s been going on with me.

Wool and Spindle Spinning

Here are some finished spins.  🙂

First Handspun Niddy Noddy and Drop Spindle

Both rovings purchased from Alpaca Direct. Decent priced rovings for practice before I move on to the fancier handpainted rovings found on Etsy. I picked up the drop spindle and niddy noddy from Ma and Pa’s Spindles. I heart my niddy noddy, it’s just so cute and small.

Spinning hasn’t totally be on my mind. I’ve been bitten by the scarf bug once again. I’ve been in love with Argosy since I first saw it but thought it would be to hard to knit. Now with a bit of experience it’s just a piece o’cake.

Noro Silk Garden Lite

2 skeins of delicious Noro Silk Garden Lite. My first time working with this stuff and I like it! I enjoy how the color repeats are so long and pretty.

I’ve also been dreaming of a sweater just for me. I have the materials, I just have to get to it. One day…

Beroco Pure Merino


And the lucky commenter is…

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Wiscjennyann of the super nifty Craft K.O. 2.0 !!

Many thanks to everyone for all your wonderful birthday wishes. I had a great time with friends and family. LOL I kept calling it my birthday week since I had a few dinners to go to on different nights. Yay for awesome friends!!

Not many knitting related gifts so I’ll leave ya with some awesome self acquire lovely pr0n.

Gauge Set

Go check Karen’s Etsy store out at karatstix.etsy.com. She’s super nice and so wonderful to work with. I custom ordered the whole set from her.


Working with my hands

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First off, I would like to thank everyone who left me such kind comforting comments. I feel so close to ya’ll and yet we’ve never met. Strange. 🙂

Not much knitting, but heck, I’m super happy being crafty. What have I been up to? Stitch markers!! They are so fun to make. I made a ton for my newly formed knitting group. Consisting mostly of my coworkers. lol

It is such a joy to twist and turn copper wire into something pretty. A few of my friends suggested I try a sell a few, well guess, what? I freaking sold two sets of my left overs on Etsy. Now I’m on a SM (haha, no dirty thoughts here 😉 ) craze. Don’t know if I’ll keep this up, I tend to get obsessed with a craft but drop it after awhile when it starts become a chore.

Ruby Red Emerald City

I even started giving the sets names. LOL 🙂 Fancy hand painted yarns have pretty names, why can’t my stitch markers? hehe 😀 The green set above has been dub… Emerald City. There are more stitch markers in my Flickr account.


Pomo's in the bag.

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I’m so sorry about the last post. I had forgotten about the annual Old Pecan Street festival we have here in Austin and well, that was where I was all day. heheh Lots of fun and tons of food. Corn on the cob is so yummy and of course you can’t forget the turkey leg. YUM!!

In the bag

Thank you for all the guesses and interesting ways ya’ll came up with your guesses. But alas…there can only be one winner. The Pomatomus was in the bag. Sadly it isn’t anywhere near done yet. I’ve been so bad and not sticking to one project.

Becky aka knittingma you’re my winner!!

Have a great week everyone. I’m about to start a new project, yay! Will post more details soon. 😉


1 is the loneliest number…

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I’ve been on a sock knitting frenzy but sadly they are all single and lonely. 😦 The reason for all these singles? I really wanted to see how my hand dyed yarn would look knit up since my first one way back when didn’t turn out so well. Anywho, I totally dig my happy rainbow colorway. Yay! I used the Monkey pattern without the purling and so…I dub thee…Rainbow Monkey (If you have kids or love the cartoon network, this is definitely a reference to the KND)

Single Socks

(Left to Right: Plain stockinette with Regia, Pomatomus, Raninbow Monkey)

I picked up a cute Della Q pouch project bag at yarn4socks.com and it occurred to me that I haven’t had a contest in awhile. So here is a semi-half-@ss contest for ya.

Della Q Pouch

It’s just a silly guessing game. All you have to do is guess which sock mate is in the pouch.

Is it the Rainbow Monkey, Pomatomus, or colorful Regia?

As always, if there are many correct guesses, the names will be put through a random generator.

Let’s have this contest end on Saturday night 11:59pm Central 5/3/08. Winner will be announce on Sunday. (hehe this will give me an opportunity to blog more than just once in two weeks. hmm yeah, I need to blog more. wha-da-ya think? lol)

Have a wonderful rest of the week! 😀

ETA: How could I have forgotten to mention the prize?!? Ya’ll should know by now, it’s gonna be a delicious pick of sock yarn. 🙂


A few updates

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This past week of being sick made me realize how much I missed my knitting. I actually thought my love affair with it was over. The thought really freaked me out. Especially since I have a nice size sock stash. LOL. I kept trying to knit a few rows here and there but I was so tired from all the medicine and all I wanted to do was sleep. I lost a few days there. I’m still not fully back to my normal self, waiting for my voice to come back. I sound super squeaky and weird. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to wish me well. Your thoughts are deeply appreciated.

Now that things are slowly getting better, no worries, I still love knitting and it’s here to stay. Yippee! Alright, onward to a few updates…

Last weekend I had a great opportunity to go check out The Knitting Nest. Thanks to Janet for informing me about it, seeing as how I have no idea what goes on here in my own city. It is a cute little place with a nice cozy area to knit and chat. Kinda far for me to go on a regular basis but if I ever needed any cascade 220 in any color, they stock it all. There is an amazing wall of pure cascade goodness for ya’ll cascade lovers out there. I didn’t go home with any yarn since I’m more of a sock yarn lover right now. But I didn’t go empty handed. I snagged a cute little project bag and my current sock is in it now. The bag is by Knitting Ewe On The Go.

Sock Pouch Closed with project

Here’s the latest Yarn Pirate Sock Club enhancement. This time around Georgia included some extra goodies. Two circular needles; US1 and US2. They are cute and pink. Don’t know how much I’ll like them since the cord isn’t quite as flexible as my current Knit Picks needles. The colorway is called Killer Bees. Perfect for the Hallow-day season. Can I just say that it is super hard to photograph neon colors. The yellow and green are actually neon in real life. And I mean super bright neon colors. Picture a green and yellow highlighter, that’s exactly how they look.
Yarn Pirate - Killer Bees YP October '07

And finally, here’s what’s gonna be going on the needles next. This has been sitting in the stash for some time now and I think it would make a nice pair of Firestarters. I did sign up for the KAL, I really should cast on soon. LOL. The colorway is called Pantomime and I picked it up at The Loopy Ewe.

Posh Yarn - Pantomime

Have a good week. Off to take more meds.


Yarn Pirate Booty Revealed

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Great Pirate Booty. The mini soap smells amazing. LOL and please excuse my shirt’s reflection in the button.

Yarn Pirate Sock Club Package 1

Yarn Pirate - Rum Runner

Rum Runner. Isn’t is nice? 🙂

OH, by the way,I was reading one of my fav blogs, Knitting Sutra and Jen has a really interesting contest going on. Check it out here. The prize is really awesome and the result will help us all out. The contest seems simple enough; all you have to do is share info about a pattern that will prevent pooling.


One Monkey Down

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It’s been almost a month since I ventured into unknown territory. Moving past the plain vanilla stockinette socks and onward towards what seems to be the most knit sock pattern of the moment…Cookie A’s Monkey socks. It really is a quick knit, but I had to put it away for a bit since it dawned on me that I’ve signed myself up for quite a few swaps and exchanges. Eppp. So I had to start some of those projects right away. First up, I really need to finish up socks for my Sockapalooza4 pal. I decided on the Lorna’s Laces Uptown, but it’s not looking as fab as it did all skeined up. I’ll have to post some pics of it when I get a chance so ya’ll can give me some input. And sadly, I really need to get going on the baby blanket that is just lingering in my knitting bag. It’s about more than half way done, but grrr, summer classes and work have just tired me out. I hardly get much sleep time. Which then makes me look like this…. Anywho, here is my one fantabulous monkey…and yes, I did cast on its mate so I could eventually end up with a pair.

One Monkey down P1010183

Sorry about this drabby pic, but I really wanted to show how the yarn really looks like in real life since my previous pic shows it being brighter.

And last but definitely not least, I want to say a big T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U to Janet for sending me such a great gift. The hand cream is awesome. If ya’ll ever get a chance, definitely check this stuff out. It’s a light cream and soaks right into the skin leaving a nice Verbena fragrance. Plus I get to try out some Gardener’s Hand Therapy. I’ve been wanting to check this stuff out since quite a few people have recommended this stuff on some of the knitting forums.

Present from Janet


Lotions, Balms, and Creams oh my!

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I was knitting the other day and had rubbed on some new balm I picked up at my LYS and my mom said, “What in the world is that smell?” So pretty much from the look on her face, yeah, the balm is stinky. LOL I really am okay with the smell since I’m use to balms and creams made from all natural ingredients. The funny thing to the incident is that I had used the same stuff at work and a coworker walked into the break room and said, “why does it smell like Raid in here?” I just about laughed so hard since it was me. Anywho, I got to thinking, I have tons of hand stuff maybe I should post little tid bits about them just in case someone out there was interested. And I will definitely let ya’ll in on which hand balm caused all this…

Well…here’s what I could find lying around:

lotions and balms

I don’t think its too much? Do you? I do have a thing about my hands being dry. I can’t stand it! Especially since I work in the hospital and I wash my hands just about a million times a day. So I need tons and tons of lotions. And since my love affair with knitting, well, that enabled me to buy more creams. Wool dries my hands out even more especially when I am in love with a certain pattern and have to knit it all up asap.

(I’m always on the look out to try new stuff, so if you use something awesome, cue me in on it. puhhleeasssee!)

I’m gonna try something new, seeing as how this is gonna be a long post, I thought I’d give you the chance to decide if you want to read more about the items . So if you’re interested than… Read the rest of this entry »