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Yay! A new pair 🙂

Matchy matchy

Hobby Lobby’s yarn bee brand yarn. It’s ok. Get it for cheaper and use the 40% off coupon. It’s not worth paying full price for. It feels dryer than other 75/25 workhorse sock yarns. It’s nice to have a matched up pair. I don’t mind fraternals but every now and again, it’s nice to know almost exactly where to knit.

Still working on the March Mystery socks but as I do this KAL I realize that if I have to wait, I kind of lose steam for the project. The 3rd clue was posted this past Sunday but I have yet to tackle it. It’s not a boring knit, I guess it’s because I started other projects and the mystery sock’s shininess has worn off. Hopefully by the time I get the 4th clue, maybe I can get some more speed.

Current Obsession:

  • Hiya Hiya stainless steel needles. I have a funky reaction to Knit Picks nickel plated ones and the Addi brass. They end up tarnished like crazy after knitting 12 rounds or so. KP’s Harmony needles were what I settled on, but I want to be speedy and see my needle when using dark yarns. So yay! for hiya hiya. I’ve been accumulating the longer ones lately so I could knit my pairs at the same time. 47″ and 60″ circs work really well for me. I like the extra room. Although 60″ may be a bit too roomy.
  • I’ve been eyeing their new interchangeable set. I keep telling myself I already have  the Harmony set, so I don’t “need” it. But gosh darn it, I WANT it!

Non-knitting News


  • Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister ehh, maybe I just didn’t get into it. It felt draggy until maybe a bit past the middle. Then in got better. The ending (epilogue) was pretty deep, don’t know how I feel about the final thought(s).
  • Next up: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Book 1)I could read it, but…well, I tried and it just wasn’t working. At least this way I can listen, knit and enjoy the reader’s amazing skill with all the character voices.

Physical book:

  • Instead of finishing up my current reads (I think I’m supposidly working through 5), I decided to start another book (The Lovely Bones). It’s been hard because I want to read and knit but can only do one at a time. One day, I really hope I can do both at once.


Reading Road Block

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Why haven’t I finished any of my knits? I’ve been sucked into the hype. I’m such a sucker for trends. Over on plurk there was a huge buzz about the Twilight series since the 4th book, Breaking Dawn was recently released. So many people kept saying how great the books were. I just had to check them out. I’m sooooooo glad I did. I was really caught up in the story of the first book,Twilight and well, read it in two days. lol. Skimped on sleep just to read what happens next.

I’m currently on the second one, New Moon, and I need to make a stop at Walmart to get the 3rd. I suppose it’s just something fun to read, to pretend that when I was a teen this could’ve happened. lol. Don’t we all just want that kind of love? Deep teenage, crazy, out of control love? I was pretty darn geeky in high school, still kinda am, so yeah I’m gonna pretend to live the main character’s life. heheh I know, it’s silly, but a girl can dream. 🙂

I’m also wrapped up in planning a baby shower for one of my fave gal pals and it’s going crazy. I decided to take on the task of making nifty party favors. I’ll try to take some pics of me trying to crafty.


More time…

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I wish there were more hours in the day. So that I can do all the things I love. Lately it’s been reading. I feel as though my mind has been hungry for so many years, that it needs to devour as many books as possible. It’s trying to catch up from all the years of unimaginative confinement. I enjoy sitting around relaxing as I am entranced and utterly captivated by the the story. Some have been so entertaining that I stay up until the wee hours of morning just to find out what happens next.

Sadly, many times I have to debate whether to knit or read. Such a dilemma. 😦

That’s why, wouldn’t it be perfectly fantastic if we could all have a few more hours to do the many things we love. 🙂

I’m currently fixed on the series of books by Philippa Gregory. It all started with the movie The Other Boleyn Girl. Which happens to be the first of a current 5 book series. The 6th is due out this September. I’m currently on the 4th, The Constant Princess.

<A HREF=”http://ws.amazon.com/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&MarketPlace=US&ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fesoteknitt-20%2F8010%2Fe1fa3839-8c8d-427d-a4dd-c515ead8c1ac&Operation=NoScript” mce_HREF=”http://ws.amazon.com/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&MarketPlace=US&ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fesoteknitt-20%2F8010%2Fe1fa3839-8c8d-427d-a4dd-c515ead8c1ac&Operation=NoScript”>Amazon.com Widgets</A>
I’ve gotten quite a few of my coworkers interested and we’re just passing the books around. So if you need some summer reading do check them out.

Oh, and I was so lucky to stumble upon The Virgin Blue at my local Half Price Book store. Gosh, it was a great buy. It started out sorta slow, but once I hit about half way, I couldn’t put it down. This was the book that made me stay up all night because I just had to know how it ends.

Happy Summer reading!


Getting things done…

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Yay! for new books, but wait!?! What’s that lurking behind the fun new books? Yes…sadly I have to buck down and start prepping for the GRE… Hopefully I’ll get a decent score. 🙂

Do not fret, I love my knitting. I’m flipping through 2-at-a-Time Socks and there are some interesting patterns. Sooo…do I really need this book? Probably not. There’s a wealth of free information on the web but I’m just a huge book hoarder. Take a look, wha-da-ya think?

2 at once

Sadly I’m using two different balls of Noro Kureyon sock yarn so I’ll have to do another set of socks but then again, that means I’ll have two new pairs. Yippee!! I thought I wouldn’t like working with the Noro because it isn’t a soft yarn. But I’m really enjoying the whole process. Experiencing a new technique and new type of wool.

More stitch marker fun…I just love working with my hands.

Green Vacation

Have a great rest of the weekend!! 😀