And the lucky commenter is…

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Wiscjennyann of the super nifty Craft K.O. 2.0 !!

Many thanks to everyone for all your wonderful birthday wishes. I had a great time with friends and family. LOL I kept calling it my birthday week since I had a few dinners to go to on different nights. Yay for awesome friends!!

Not many knitting related gifts so I’ll leave ya with some awesome self acquire lovely pr0n.

Gauge Set

Go check Karen’s Etsy store out at karatstix.etsy.com. She’s super nice and so wonderful to work with. I custom ordered the whole set from her.



Birthday Contest

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It’s that time once again. Another contest!!! In celebration of turning another older and becoming another year knit-wiser.

Let’s have a simple contest. I want to know what interests you. Post of link of something you love/like/enjoy and the winner will be randomly chosen from the comments. Simple as a 5 layer cake? And the prize? It’ll be fun stuff and of course a fabulous skein of sock yarn.

Here’s something I love. GREEN. I have always been infatuated with all shades of green. I am drawn to the aspects of green in nature. Something about a beautiful landscape photo just takes my breath away.

I love green!

Less than 12 hours and I’m officially a year older… 😛


Pomo's in the bag.

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I’m so sorry about the last post. I had forgotten about the annual Old Pecan Street festival we have here in Austin and well, that was where I was all day. heheh Lots of fun and tons of food. Corn on the cob is so yummy and of course you can’t forget the turkey leg. YUM!!

In the bag

Thank you for all the guesses and interesting ways ya’ll came up with your guesses. But alas…there can only be one winner. The Pomatomus was in the bag. Sadly it isn’t anywhere near done yet. I’ve been so bad and not sticking to one project.

Becky aka knittingma you’re my winner!!

Have a great week everyone. I’m about to start a new project, yay! Will post more details soon. 😉


1 is the loneliest number…

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I’ve been on a sock knitting frenzy but sadly they are all single and lonely. 😦 The reason for all these singles? I really wanted to see how my hand dyed yarn would look knit up since my first one way back when didn’t turn out so well. Anywho, I totally dig my happy rainbow colorway. Yay! I used the Monkey pattern without the purling and so…I dub thee…Rainbow Monkey (If you have kids or love the cartoon network, this is definitely a reference to the KND)

Single Socks

(Left to Right: Plain stockinette with Regia, Pomatomus, Raninbow Monkey)

I picked up a cute Della Q pouch project bag at yarn4socks.com and it occurred to me that I haven’t had a contest in awhile. So here is a semi-half-@ss contest for ya.

Della Q Pouch

It’s just a silly guessing game. All you have to do is guess which sock mate is in the pouch.

Is it the Rainbow Monkey, Pomatomus, or colorful Regia?

As always, if there are many correct guesses, the names will be put through a random generator.

Let’s have this contest end on Saturday night 11:59pm Central 5/3/08. Winner will be announce on Sunday. (hehe this will give me an opportunity to blog more than just once in two weeks. hmm yeah, I need to blog more. wha-da-ya think? lol)

Have a wonderful rest of the week! 😀

ETA: How could I have forgotten to mention the prize?!? Ya’ll should know by now, it’s gonna be a delicious pick of sock yarn. 🙂


Blogoversary Winner…

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I apologize for the late post but…the awesome Shannon of Knit Me a River is the lucky winner.

More contests to come when I can figure out more silly games. Thanks again everyone so much for stopping by. 

Fantastic First Blogoversary!

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A big THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by to say hi and give a go at the contest. There were so many amazing responses to which photo was my pick. Well… I thought I’d go for the non-nature-loving photos that I am constantly drawn to. The winning photo is number 11. I love eyes, all types of colors, shapes and sizes. Quite a few of ya’ll picked 11 so there’s gonna be a drawing.

These people are your competition… Winner will be posted later on today…


Side note… Rules to knit by:

  • I have learned that it is not a good idea to try and knit after a few drinks.
  • Also, please stay away from candles while knitting tipsy. They can be dangerous. LOL.
  • I’m sure this list will grow as I continue my knitting adventures.


February 8th contest

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Howdy ya’ll… hehehe, there I go getting all Texan…

It’s been sometime since I had one of my contests, well this one is to mark the first time I started up this silly ole’ blog… Get your pick in by midnight central time February 7th, the lucky winner will be announced February 8th which is the exact date last year of my very first post. All ya’ll gotta do is guess which one of these fantastic Flickr photos is my favorite pick and you’ll win some fancy sock yarn. Instead of photos, I’m gonna let the winner choose thier favorite brand. You are welcome to pick any of these from my stash: Yarn Pirate, Fleece Artist, Cherry Tree Hill, Claudia Hand Painted Yarns, and the simple yet super working Trekking XXL.

ETA: There was a really nice mosaic of photos here but I had a Flickr issue and lost everything. I’m Sorry.

The photos are numbered like so:

1, 2, 3, 4, (First row)

5, 6, 7, 8, (Second row)

9, 10, 11, 12, (Third row)

13, 14, 15, 16 (Fourth row)

So pick your number and lets get this contest started.

A big thanks to everyone who plays my silly contest. Ya’ll ROCK!

Special Note If you mention my contest on your blog, make sure your readers mention your blog in their guess and if they win I would love to send you a special gift too.


And the sock yarn goes to…

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Jen of Knitting Sports Mom.

That’s all for today folks, I’m not feeling too well. I hope to be back with something interesting. Hope you’re all having a great hump day.  


Happy Friday!

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Good morning/afternoon/night everyone! Depending on when you get to this.

It looks like I’ve been tagged by Heather of Punky Purls and must pass on this meme. I’m feeling like a party pooper so I think I’m just going to post the rules and if anyone is interested in offering up some answers–> leave me a comment. There’s a little something in it for ya’ll if you do play along.

For the sake of having a really simple contest, post whatever [*ETA* truth(s) about yourself] that you want and [*then*] tell me what you favorite color(s) is/are [*for the prize*]. I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner and you’ll get some sock yarn in your fav color. How does that sound? Lets have this end on Tueday night 11:59pm Central time.

Here’s the meme info:

1. Link the one who tagged you
2. Tell 7 truths about yourself, something funny/different
3. Tag 7 people at the end of the blog
4. Leave a message in their blog telling them that they have been tagged

Feel free to pass the meme on to anyone. Have fun!

And since I’m sure you’re all dying to know a few truths about me, I’ll give you a sneak peek into my lil’ world. I’m a huge SciFi fan but not to the point where I can speak Klingon (which would be really cool if I could hehe). I think I’m more a fan of SciFi shows such as Battlestar Gallactica and Dr Who. LOL do I sound nerdy now? Hmm something else…this may sound a bit creepy but I love phlebotomy. I have a knack for drawing blood, heheh not my own or anything along those lines, just one of my duties in the hospital. Hmm I think that’s enough personal info for one day.

Have a fantastic weekend!



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First off, THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by and guessed. This has been such a fantastic turn out. 9 guessed the correct book and 3 of ya’ll picked the correct pattern. That’s amazing! Trying to be fair, since the contest was to guess the correct book I was working with and picking the correct pattern was just for extra goodies, I put all 9 names into a random drawing. The name that came up was… Elizabeth of Trailing yarn.

Ahh so what’s the correct answer? I’m working on Conwy from Knitting on the Road. Instead of just regular socks, I’ve been wanting some knee highs so that’s what they’re gonna be. And the great part about the pattern is that I hardly had to make any mods. The shaping that is already part of the pattern works well for my pudgy calves. LOL I’m using the Dream in Color Smooshy yarn in the Ruby River colorway. This sock yarn is fantastic to work with. Just love it! I’ll try to have a more in depth post when I complete the the pair.

Knee High Conwry

Thanks again everyone!

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