New Colorways

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I wish I had some knits to show for but until then, some prØn. I’m still working on figuring out which yarn bases I like so here are a few of my test dyes. 

Suzie Suzie

Lou Lou

Megan Megan

Sasha Sasha

Sofia Sofia



More colorways

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I’ve been trying out a few different bases of my own hand dye/painted yarns. Here are a couple more…
Kazuaki Kazuaki.3

Colorway: Kazuaki (harmonious and bright)

This is a bamboo blend.
40% Bamboo
40% Wool
20% Nylon
380yds, 100g
The dye didn’t take up as I originally thought it would be. The colors faded a bit and swirled into each other. I still like it and can’t wait to knit it up.
Layla.1 Layla
Colorway: Layla (dark beauty)
100% superwash merino
360 yds, 100g
This was fun to dye up with mixes of blues, purples, and a splash of black.
Embossed Leaves

Here’s the Suchin colorway in action. Knit up in the Embossed Leaves pattern. So far I’m digging the look. The yarn is a nice 4ply tight twist. It seems to give the stitches a bit of definition and a firm look.. Like I call it, a workhorse kinda yarn. I’ll definitely put it through the washer to see if it softens up and holds up well.
Have a great weekend everyone!!


Fun with color.

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Don’t you sometimes wish you could negotiate with time? A little more time today and a lot less time tomorrow?

Over the past weeks instead of knitting up a storm, I was drawn to dyeing and color fun. Instead of dyeing the regular way, I wanted striped sock yarn. Lets just say that I had a ton of yarn all over the house because I wanted a crazy amount of color in one repeat.

Calling In First look at it.

Calling In - Reskeined And here it is re-skeined. It looks totally different.

Calling In Sock Knit up, hmmm I’m okay with the colors. I was lucky to have a happy accident with the whitish stripes. They were suppose to be white sections left undyed, but I must have had a lot of dye residual and the blues/greens dirtied the white. But I think it worked out.

Another package of undyed sock yarn came in, and this time around the dyeing was so much fun. My plans were to try to do some semi-solids and only really achieved that look with my maroonish color. The blueish one turned out to be many shades of blue and I love it. Then finally my last one I went crazy and threw a ton of color everywhere and the end result is utterly my favorite with all its colors and personality.

Dyeing results

Suchin Color: Suchin (beautiful thought)

Saphira Color: Saphira (I’ve been reading Eragon and the name was perfect for this color.)

Safara Colorway: Safara (fire)

Yes, I’m dorky. I wanted all the names to start with an “S” after I was sure to call the blue one Saphira.

On to some not so happy knitting news…I really don’t like how my guage can be so off everythime I start the second sock. I write down pretty much all my row info and what I did to get where I got, but no matter what, the second sock is always either biger or smaller.

Austermann Step Austermann Step

In this case, sock numero 2 is a lot smaller. grrrr. And to add to that, for some reason, when I started the second sock, the repeat pattern of the sock reversed. Originally I wanted matched socks, but gave up on that half way down the leg when it was obviously backwards, but now the freaking sock doesn’t fit too well. grrrrrr. Thoughts… frog, or just knit another sock, lol.

That’s my craziness for the day, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and if you’re not the holiday celebrating type, hope you had a good time doing whatever it is you do.  🙂



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Fluffy softness. Yup, that’s what’s been captivating my interest. Here are some of my latest spins. These weren’t done on my drop spindle, but on my nifty new toy. The Little Meggie. It’s suppose to be a kick spindle, but I just put it on a table and spin with my hand.

Handspun yarns Little Meggie

To fuel my new obsession, I had a fun hand dyeing/painting session in my back yard. Here are my new lovely rovings.  🙂 The great part is that they’re superwash merino. YUM!!

Favorite Color Colorway: Favorite Color

Tainted love Colorway: Tainted Love

Autumn Colorway: Autumn

Sweet Berries Colorway: Sweet Berries

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!



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Baby Set A

Child’s Placket Sweater
Mary Jane booties
(no actual pattern for the hat, just a few rows of seed stitch and then stockinette) Oh and if ya’ll don’t already have a pompom maker, definitely give them a try. They make pompoms look so nice.

This was that project that took me forever. It really shouldn’t have. But I kept procrastinating. So when the baby shower was looming around,  I had to get my act together and finish the sweater, knit up the hat and baby booties in oh, say 3 days. lol. I’m super happy with the way the sweater turned out. My first sweater yay!! It’s now given me some courage to maybe think about knitting a sweater for myself.  We’ll see.

Spring Forward

I’ve finished these socks for awhile now. The Spring Forward pattern is simple and not so boring. Oh and if anyone is thinking of using Easter egg dye or cool aid, if you set the colors, they really don’t fade as you would think. I’m really hard on my socks putting them through the washer and dryer, so yeah, the colors really hold up.


Dyeing is satisfying!

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I know, another post so soon?!? This is just a shortie. I had a chance to dye my Knit Picks Bare sock yarn with easter egg dye yesterday and wow!!! Dyeing for the second time is so much easier when you know what to expect and what to do. I love how vibrant and bright the colors came out in my first skein. And I’m utterly digging my second skein because it feels so…I really can’t explain…its just…awesome. I randomly mixed what I had left after dying the bright colors to get the second look. I have so much appreciation for the indie dyers out there because it is a long and messy process. I only dyed two and it felt like forever.

So…Whada-ya think?

Happy Rainbow

Happy Rainbow

Rustic Rose

Rustic Rose



Fugly Socks

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I had to see how my Kood Aid dyed sock yarn would turn out. And well… pretty darn fugly. LOL But they are mine so I’ll still love them. The only problem I have is that I was a bit off on my guage and they turned out a bit loose. That’s what I get for not properly swatching once again. 😦 I hope they’ll shrink a bit in the wash. We’ll see.

Alternating 2x2 Rib Close-up SKS Alternating 2x2 Rib
Pattern: Alternating 2×2 Rib From Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn: Knit Picks Bare
Colorway: Kool Aid Dyed
Start: 8/24/07
Finished: 8/28/07
Needle: 32” Knit Picks circs US2 (2.75mm)
CO: 56sts
Heel Flap: Eye of Partridge
Total Foot Length: ~8inches

I bet ya’ll are tired of me doing all these patterns form SKS, but gosh, they are super easy and quick. No worries, the next pattern isn’t from SKS. I’m about to start knitting up the Vintage Apron. And on that note, I’ll leave you with Dream in Color…

Ruby River Dream in Color - Ruby River
Yarn: Dream in Color: Smooshy Sock Yarn
Colorway: Ruby River
Info: 100% Australian merino superwash wool
Size: 450yds/4oz


Fraternal Footies, Kool Aid Dying, and socks to be…

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The Footies are done . What do ya think? Crazy how a continuous hank/skein can produce such different results. I had posed a question or should I say made a remark on my Flickr photo about the debate I read somewhere about how dyers should dye up 100g skeins instead of having us get two 50g skeins since those would create somewhat different looking socks. Well as you can see and 100g skein can do the same thing too. Plus with two 50g skeins, I can wind them up and knit two socks at once instead of having to split up my big one.

Fraternal Footies
Pattern: Plain Stockinette with a K1P1 mini cuff
Yarn: Fleece Artist Nova Sock
Colorway: Tiger
Start: 8/10/07
Finished: 8/22/07
Needle: Addi Turbo 32” Circ (2.5mm)
CO: 64sts
Heel Flap: Eye of Partridge
Total Foot Length: 10 inches, made to fit a US women’s 10 shoe

I’ve been having fun playing around with sock yarn and Kool Aid. I keep seeing such amazing creations out there and keep hearing about how fun it is. And it’s all true. This was really fun. I know my first dye job really isn’t that great, but I feel quite accomplished so I’m gonna share, lol.

I used the microwave method and just poured the colors on top of the yarn and soaked up all the excess water and what nots. There are a lot of tutorials out there. I used THIS ONE. Just three colors, black cherry, blue raspberry, and lemonade. The base yarn is Knit Picks Bare (75% superwash wool, 25% nylon). And here it is all wound up and ready to go…

Ready to Go

Another yarn all wound up and ready to knit is the Madeline Tosh Vintage Apron. I just need to pick out a pattern and just go at it.

Vintage Apron

I also picked up two balls of sock yarn from Knit Picks. They had an Essential Special because these did not turn out as they had wanted. The company is test dying their Essentials line and considered these not as bright or deep enough. I kinda like them. Head on over and get yourself some.

Knit Picks Essential

That’s my novel for now, I hope to get back to ya’ll with some nifty new socks for show and tell.