Friends = Awesome!!

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I am so luck to have such great friends.

The amazing Mrs. B of Bockstark (Knits) Spins sent me this amazingly lovely handdyed and handspun piece of goodness as a thank you gift. It’s so fabulous that it’s given me the urge to learn to spin. (More of that later…)

Woolly Goodness from Mrs B

Scrumptious? Yes!! It’s fingering/sport weight and is superwash. Yay!!

This is another super over due thank you to my very wonderful gal pal Haley for thinking of me when she went on her Alaskan cruise. A perfect gift for you knitter friend…

Alaskan gift

Sock yarn and wonderful handmade soap wrapped in wool. How cool is that?



A Big Thank You to my SP9

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The KnittyBoard SP9 comes to an end. This was first Secret Pal swap and things went pretty well. Thank you Cindi of Willis’ Knitting Ramblings for being such a great pal.
She made me some really nifty fingerless mitts. I’ve always wanted some but for some odd reason feel intimidated. Weird, I know.
I adore the lil’ ewe. Her name is Mollie, she’s from the Ewe and Me collection by Toni Goffe. Isn’t the mini sweater key chain super cute too?

Knitty Board SP9 Last package


More Monkey Love

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Another great swap comes to an end. I received my socks from my Knitty Board Sock Swap Pal. I get another fantastic pair of Monkeys. Yippee! I really like the colorway. It turns out to be a potluck from CTH so there really isn’t a name, but its great. I love pooling. And look at all the fantastic goodies. Thanks so much Kris!

Knitty Sock Swap


My Secret Sockapalooza4 Pal Rocks!

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I received my package from my pal yesterday and it was just stuffed with goodies. It was so funny because when I saw the socks, I was thinking, gosh these look so familiar but couldn’t place where I saw them. Well after reading the card, it all clicked. My secret pal is Becky of Westerly Whimsies. You are so sneaky. This whole time we’ve been chatting and you’re my secret pal.

Sockapalooza4 socks for me

The socks are made from Knit Picks Memories: Hawaii colorway. This is sooo something I would pick out for myself. I love the greens. 🙂

Now look at all the fantastic goodies:

Sockapalooza 4 Package

I love the tote. It’s very true. There is soooo much yarn out there and just so little time. I’ve never worked with Sugar’ n Cream before so I may get to try out knitting up so of those cute washcloths I keep seeing. There’s a cute candle, awesome foot scrub, great notepad, and super cute point protectors. This is just too awesome. I love it! Thank you sooo much Becky. You are amazing!


Secret Pal 9 Package 1

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Thanks to my secret pal (Secret Pal 9 from knittyboard.com) for the nifty Tofutsies. I haven’t had the chance to get some of it and it’s interesting. It was and early bday present for me so yippee! I ! She was even so awesome as to get all the patterns for me that were specifically designed for the Tofutsies line. So I’m super prepared for when I get the chance to knit it up.

SP9 Package 1

And I have been knitting up some socks, progress will be posted sometime. Oh, and since my birthday is around the corner, another contest will be coming up shortly. So be on the look out…


One Monkey Down

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It’s been almost a month since I ventured into unknown territory. Moving past the plain vanilla stockinette socks and onward towards what seems to be the most knit sock pattern of the moment…Cookie A’s Monkey socks. It really is a quick knit, but I had to put it away for a bit since it dawned on me that I’ve signed myself up for quite a few swaps and exchanges. Eppp. So I had to start some of those projects right away. First up, I really need to finish up socks for my Sockapalooza4 pal. I decided on the Lorna’s Laces Uptown, but it’s not looking as fab as it did all skeined up. I’ll have to post some pics of it when I get a chance so ya’ll can give me some input. And sadly, I really need to get going on the baby blanket that is just lingering in my knitting bag. It’s about more than half way done, but grrr, summer classes and work have just tired me out. I hardly get much sleep time. Which then makes me look like this…. Anywho, here is my one fantabulous monkey…and yes, I did cast on its mate so I could eventually end up with a pair.

One Monkey down P1010183

Sorry about this drabby pic, but I really wanted to show how the yarn really looks like in real life since my previous pic shows it being brighter.

And last but definitely not least, I want to say a big T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U to Janet for sending me such a great gift. The hand cream is awesome. If ya’ll ever get a chance, definitely check this stuff out. It’s a light cream and soaks right into the skin leaving a nice Verbena fragrance. Plus I get to try out some Gardener’s Hand Therapy. I’ve been wanting to check this stuff out since quite a few people have recommended this stuff on some of the knitting forums.

Present from Janet


Finals are done!

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Ahhhhh I get to finally relax for a little bit before summer sessions begins. I’m soooooo gonna try to be knitting up a storm. I have a non-sock project in mind that I will post about when I get my needles clickin’ on it.

I would like to send out a super THANK YOU to Kirsten from Through the Loops! for such an awesome package that was really unexpected. I was randomly picked out of her tons of comments to receive a package and I love it! A skein of STR Marbles colorway in medium weight. I have no idea what to do with it but just fondle it for now. Oh and yeah, yummy yummy chocolate in my tummy. heheh. Now I must get to some knitting so I can actually have something to post about. 🙂

Random winning

PS. I have a neat-o contest coming sometime around the end of May. Or so I think it’s pretty neat-o. hehe 🙂 And since I was spoiled, the winner is soooooooo gonna be spoiled too.


The Awesomeness of a Coworker

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A few months back my coworker and I had a rough night. It seemed that just about all the patients were going crazy on us. It was just very overwhelming. The situation made me rethink the whole idea of going into health care and pursuing my masters in nursing. Anyways, I a few days back my coworker surprised me with this really nice crochet blanket. I really like the colors. She had said that she was working on a blanket for me but I thought she was kidding this whole time. Lol. silly me.

I didn’t really know how to take a nice picture of it, but I thought this one turned out okay.

crochet blanket

And here’s a nice close up of how its actually a wavy look.

crochet blanket up close


More Roses

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I posted a few weeks back about receiving fancy roses for v-day. Well it turned out that the company had sent me the wrong order. Sweet BF was like what the heck? Those aren’t the roses I ordered. So he sent the company an e-mail saying that they had sent out the wrong flowers, and they told him they’ll send the right order for another day of his choosing. BF didn’t tell me when or anything and the roses came on the first of March. Yeah I know why am I posting this now many days later, I wanted to that day but I had lent out my camera to my brother and it took him till now to get it back to me… 😦

So more pretty flowers for me at not extra charge, hehehe. They actually got me thinking that I really like fresh flowers and that maybe I’ll start buying fresh flowers just because.

v-day roses

You can see some wilting going on. Oh well, still pretty for a few more day.


V-day Presents!!!

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Oh My Goodness!!! The UPS truck just delivered me some goodies… Wonderful BF sent me 2 dozen roses from an on-line company called proflowers. I knew he was getting me flowers but it’s always nice to receive gifts in the mail. Ofcourse I opened the box up and the flowers look all not so pretty but after reading the instructions it says to peel a few of the old petals off and in 8 hours the flowers will bloom. So I’ll be posting the not so great pics now and some pretty ones later on.



My box, hehehe I couldn’t wait to open it…


The fancy flowers. Obviously I can not arrange flowers whatsoever. 😦

Finally the really best part of this was that my first order of Fleece Artist sock yarns came in too which was really exciting. I was hit with double gifts. Hurray!! I ordered these two beauties from LittleKnits. The green one is Forest and the othe one is Jester. Green is my favorite color so I couldn’t pass it up and you know how I love bright socks, so Jester hehe just looked and sounded perfect.

Oh they feel sooooo soft and cuddly… fleece artist

This was taken in natural light so it may be a tad brighter… fleece artist 2

Don’t forget to click on the images for a closer look 😉