New look, New knit?

Posted in Baby, Knitting, Sweater at 3:07 am by Jennie

Thought I’d change up the look of the site a bit. Maybe it’ll go better with my new adventurous self. ehh…who knows. Anywho, this is my first non-sock project that isn’t a scarf or hat and I’m super excited. My very good gal pal is expecting and I thought this was the perfect time to learn some new techniques and to get over my fear of actual garments. So here you have my almost finished Child’s Placket Sweater

Child's Placket Sweater

I couldn’t wrap my head around the neck part, so it’s gonna have to be fudged. I’m gonna try to do the top in the yellow so it’ll at least have some balance. I had many hair pulling moments with this project but after attaching the arms and kitchenering them I’m a-ok now. 🙂