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Howdy everyone! I’m sooo sorry for not posting before I left for vacation. It was nice long 7 day cruise with the family down in the Caribbean. heheh fun? (eehhhh to a certain extent) Photos to come when I get things cleaned up and settled. Plus I have plenty of blogs to catch up on. Can I just say I soooo miss ya’ll and am soooo glad to be home. It’s so weird being away from my computer for so long.



Where'd I go?

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WARNING***No actual knitting content*** WARNING***A lot of photos***

Hi ya’ll! I’m so happy to be back home. I really missed my cozy bed and just the freedom of being home. We went on a 5 day cruise to Mexico. Most of the time was spent on the ship (Carnival Ecstasy) but we did make two stops, Cozumel and Progresso Yucatan. I wish I could say I have tons of knit work to show for all the free time. But I only completed a few more short row heel practices and so far, the Yarn Over style (from these tutorials: Purly Whites and The blue blog) is sort of working for me. I still need more practice. I did rediscover my love of reading. I haven’t really put much time or should I say made time to sit and just enjoy a book. I’m glad to say I spent a lot of time reading an amazingly interesting novel ( The Clan of the Cave Bear) that I had picked up at Half Price Books for only $3 (yay! for bargains).

I don’t like to post without pictures, so here are some vacation photos. If you’re interested there are more in my Flickr set.

Diet coke isn’t diet coke in Mexico it’s called Coca-Cola light. hehehe

ETA: There were pictures here, but I didn’t want to reload the whole bunch since the Flickr fiasco. I’m sorry.