It's snowing!!!

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Oh my goodness!! It’s been so long since I’ve seen snow here in Texas. Many, many years. The strangest thing is that it was 75degrees earlier in the day and then around 11:30pm we have bits of snowy goodness. Soooooo nifty!!

It's snowing!

It's snowing!!



My colors…

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Saw this at Mixedupbeauty.net It’s really not me, but only a small part, lol the part I wish was out more. How about you?


Your rainbow is intensely shaded green, white, and red.


What is says about you: You are a contemplative person. You appreciate energetic people. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.


More colorways

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I’ve been trying out a few different bases of my own hand dye/painted yarns. Here are a couple more…
Kazuaki Kazuaki.3

Colorway: Kazuaki (harmonious and bright)

This is a bamboo blend.
40% Bamboo
40% Wool
20% Nylon
380yds, 100g
The dye didn’t take up as I originally thought it would be. The colors faded a bit and swirled into each other. I still like it and can’t wait to knit it up.
Layla.1 Layla
Colorway: Layla (dark beauty)
100% superwash merino
360 yds, 100g
This was fun to dye up with mixes of blues, purples, and a splash of black.
Embossed Leaves

Here’s the Suchin colorway in action. Knit up in the Embossed Leaves pattern. So far I’m digging the look. The yarn is a nice 4ply tight twist. It seems to give the stitches a bit of definition and a firm look.. Like I call it, a workhorse kinda yarn. I’ll definitely put it through the washer to see if it softens up and holds up well.
Have a great weekend everyone!!


Fun with color.

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Don’t you sometimes wish you could negotiate with time? A little more time today and a lot less time tomorrow?

Over the past weeks instead of knitting up a storm, I was drawn to dyeing and color fun. Instead of dyeing the regular way, I wanted striped sock yarn. Lets just say that I had a ton of yarn all over the house because I wanted a crazy amount of color in one repeat.

Calling In First look at it.

Calling In - Reskeined And here it is re-skeined. It looks totally different.

Calling In Sock Knit up, hmmm I’m okay with the colors. I was lucky to have a happy accident with the whitish stripes. They were suppose to be white sections left undyed, but I must have had a lot of dye residual and the blues/greens dirtied the white. But I think it worked out.

Another package of undyed sock yarn came in, and this time around the dyeing was so much fun. My plans were to try to do some semi-solids and only really achieved that look with my maroonish color. The blueish one turned out to be many shades of blue and I love it. Then finally my last one I went crazy and threw a ton of color everywhere and the end result is utterly my favorite with all its colors and personality.

Dyeing results

Suchin Color: Suchin (beautiful thought)

Saphira Color: Saphira (I’ve been reading Eragon and the name was perfect for this color.)

Safara Colorway: Safara (fire)

Yes, I’m dorky. I wanted all the names to start with an “S” after I was sure to call the blue one Saphira.

On to some not so happy knitting news…I really don’t like how my guage can be so off everythime I start the second sock. I write down pretty much all my row info and what I did to get where I got, but no matter what, the second sock is always either biger or smaller.

Austermann Step Austermann Step

In this case, sock numero 2 is a lot smaller. grrrr. And to add to that, for some reason, when I started the second sock, the repeat pattern of the sock reversed. Originally I wanted matched socks, but gave up on that half way down the leg when it was obviously backwards, but now the freaking sock doesn’t fit too well. grrrrrr. Thoughts… frog, or just knit another sock, lol.

That’s my craziness for the day, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and if you’re not the holiday celebrating type, hope you had a good time doing whatever it is you do.  🙂


Jack @ss moment of the day…

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Deleting photos from my digital camera. Just now realizing there were a ton I had not uploaded to the computer yet. “doh!”



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I feel soooooo ahhhh. I was able to back track and re-post the photos for most of my blog entries. Only the first few months have no photos so I’ll have to figure out where those images are. That kinda sucks. 😦

On to happier news….a finished pair

Brown and PInk Opal

Opal Neumusterung
Color: 10038

Started: 9/22/08
Finished: 11/9/08
Cast On: 64sts
Needles: 2.25mm circs
Fits: size 8-9 US women

These are have been gifted to my friend Kelly as a belated birthday gift.

On a non knitting related news, I’ve finally gotten the nerve up to take photos in public. It was sooo weird. And I felt so sneaky. I just thought, heck, if I’m gonna get better at taking photos, I better get in the practice, so just do it!

Cute jellys

Girly Jellys

I love cute kawaii stuff. These are too adorable!! They contain small jelly snacks. Some have a solid piece of friut in the middle. These images were taken at my local china town supermarket. Fun stuff!  🙂

Chickens in a row
Chicken anyone?

On a ewww final note… catfish

Catfish anyone?

yeah, ewwwwww. The pretty pink glow isn’t so pretty once you realize it’s fish blood, again…ewwwwww But I just had to take the picture, it was so ewww that you just had to have it. ya know what I mean?  🙂

I hope everyone is having a fun hump day!



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First off I want to apologize for all the crazy pings on everyone’s blog readers. This is such a daunting task. But the good news is I think I only have a year left of back tracking to restore all the images. Any one out there a hug giver? I could sure use one.

Site prob Update.

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  • New flickr account is up. Friend me I’m now Esoteric Knits
  • I think I’ve loaded up most of my photos, some I don’t have on this computer, (note to self…track down old photo files from previous computer…)
  • Maybe fit in a nap..or sleep, whichever happens
  • Continue to track back through archives to reinsert picture
  • Clean up psychotic mess from all this….

Site problems

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Okay, it looks like my site has gone berserk and well, so am I. I did a boo boo on flickr when I tried to destash and they closed down my account. So now I’ll have to start over and reload E-V-E-R-Y thing and back track to all my post to reinsert the photos.  😦 wish me luck!


Major Destash

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I’m cleaning out my stash because I need room for my eventual fiber stash. Plus I’m trying to save up for a wheel. yay!! 🎉 I’m letting ya’ll have a crack at them first before I put them up on the destash website. Just leave me a comment or send me a message. :dance:

*****WARNING  LOTS of Photos*****

For more information about the yarns, just click the picture.

Thanks so much stopping by!  :kissed:

All Asking prices include shipping within the US. (Funded Paypal please, if not, we can work something out.)

Fleece Artist - Origin Fleece Artist –SOLD Origin $18.50

Fleece Artist - Fruit Punch Fleece Artist – Fruit Punch $18.50

Fleece Artist - Rain Forest Fleece Artist – Rain Forest  $18.50

Fleece Artist - Indian Summer Fleece Artist –SOld Indian Summer $17.50

Fleece Artist - Ruby Red Fleece Artist – Ruby Red $18.50

The Jolly Ewe – For the boys SOLD $15.50

Colinette Jitterbug - Slate Colinette Jitterbug – Slate $20.50

Colinette Jitterbug – Summer Berries SOLD$20.50

Loden CTH Supersock – Loden $17.50

Birches CTH Supersock – Birches $17.50

Bark Cherry Tree Hill Supersock – Bark $17.50

Child's Play LL Shepherd Sock- Child’s Play $20/both

Daffodil LL Shepherd Sock – Daffodil $10

Trekking XXL 107 Trekking XXL – 107 SOLD $16

Fortissima Colori Socka Color Forissima Colori Socka Color $15

Meilenweit 6 fach Special Lana Grossa Meilenweit 6 fach Special $16.50

Meilenweit Cotton Maya Meilenweit Cotton Maya $15

Meilenweit Fantasy Meilenweit Fantasy $15

Opal Neumusterung 10033 Opal – Neumusterun 10033 $16.50

Opal Neumusterung 10037 Opal – Neumusterun 10037 $16.50

Opal Blue and White Opal $13.50

All yarns are from a Pet/Smoke free home.

Whew, that’s that for now. 😯

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