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Yay for finished pairs!

no name
Some kind of rib pattern? I really don’t remember. I know the stitch pattern came from either book 1 or 2 of the Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries. I know, I suck 😦
It’s crazy but this is the first time I’m knitting up Socks that rock. They totally rock! I love the stitch definition I get from this yarn. The color is Marbles.

CO: 56sts
Needle: 2.50mm (US1.5) Inox circular
Method: magic loop

Kureyon socks

New singles make a pair. I really wear my socks, and I throw them in the washer and sometimes accidentally into the dryer. These kureyon socks really lasted. They are at least 1 old and I wear them almost every week. I originally thought I would make my socks 2-at-a-time for the first time and used 2 different skeins of of kureyon sock and then do their mates. It never happened and I just wore them as a pair. Now the mates are done and well, they’ll be my new go to pair.
Kureyon socks

You’ve probably notice me playing around with photoshop. I thought it was time to really get to know how to re-use this program since it’s now in its bagillionth revamp vs it’s puny beginnings when I was in high school. eeggaadds.

Acorns. yup.
A stitch pattern from Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Sock Book
I wanted to try toe-up socks again since the last time I knit toe-up was Yarnissima’s Firestarters (My socks).
Fleece Artist Merino
Color: Fruit Punch
-I had a fiddly start with the Judy’s magic cast on making my toe stitches a bit smooshed and tight. Next time I may need to use bigger needles. Total stitch count 64.
-I wanted a heel flap and after almost on the verge of ripping both socks, I stopped trying to think things through and followed Wendy’s instructions for her toe up socks. Success!!
-The final big new technique was using Jeny’s suprisingly stretchy bind off. Here’s a great Cat Bordhi video show the steps. I think it may be too stretchy for me. Maybe use smaller needles the next time around.

Simple footies
Simple footies. Knit with Patons Kroy sock FX
Reminds me of trekking XXL. Knits and feels a wee big larger than fingering. These were a super quick knit and only required 1 skein for my size US-5 feet. I have an extra ball, if you click the picture it’ll take you to my flickr account and there I’m giving away the ball to anyone who wants to try it out.
Knit picks 5inch DPN size 2.5mm (I know right?!?. DPNs? I haven’t used DPNs in such a long time. It has been magic loop for over 2 years now. Weird. But, the KP needles are too cute and I really needed an excuse to buy them. My reason…I will knit mittens. Ummm yeah, that hasn’t happened yet…we’ll see.

And looking towards the future…may I introduce my new little buddies, LuLu and Simon. They will be helping me knit up “The Stash”. I already have quite a bit wound up and ready to jump onto the needles, only problem, which to use first?
New Mascots